“The history of repression is filled with dissidents fleeing, hiding, disappearing, dying. Only usually, we don’t get to see the haunted look in their eyes.” Diana West

I was hugely relieved when Karen Kingston turned up alive and safe. And the hat looked great, by the way.

But those who admire and appreciate Kingston were not, I imagine, the only ones who were happy with how things had turned out.

Somewhere, I felt, someone was thinking: “Checkmate, baby!”

Few are commenting, this week, allowing the family time and privacy to get over the drama and controversy of Karen’s flight and the video appeal she made from Mexico. Kingston announced her return to the fray with the repost of an interview on the Stew Peters show in which she lays out the issue, the mass injection of billions of people with self-assembling nanotechnological electromagnetic devices designed to imprison humanity within a technocratic, transhumanist, totalitarian system, merging the human mind into the machine.

In response to her video appeal from Mexico, Dr Robert Malone published a post which he calls a ‘case study’ but which is merely a self-justifying rant in which he lies about what Kingston actually said. The piece, pretentiously entitled ‘Hate Ecosystem and Fifth Gen Warfare (Part IV)’, pushes the line, as quoted in the Bitchute headline he chose to feature: KAREN KINGSTON FLEES THE U.S. CLAIMING RFK JR.’S ADVISOR DR ROBERT MALONE ORDERED HER ASSASSINATION.

She claimed no such thing. Throughout the video she refers to a government contract on her life. She appeals to Malone to help her, using his vaunted deep state, military and intelligence connections, which he himself boasted about on the Joe Rogan show. She begs him to use his influence, appealing to his sense of honour, and assuming that like her he sees their radical disagreements as scientific and political conflicts to be be waged with weapons of the intellect, not poisons.

As soon as she published her appeal, Dr Robert Malone and his wife were all over her social media (by his own account), looking for something they could use. They found it in a Facebook post in which she said she believed she had contracted malaria.


Malaria, and the treatments used for it, can lead to “a broad range of psychiatric effects, including disorders of personality, mood, memory, attention, thought, and behaviour.”



Malone, by his own account, then tracked down her older brother Ron Kuchler via Twitter and contacted him with a proposal: that if Kuchler wished to write a family statement making reference to malarial infection and appealing for the family to be left alone while they dealt with Karen’s medical situation, he, Malone, would mirror it without comment on his Substack, giving it much wider reach. Kuchler co-operated, and so the idea that Kingston was suffering some kind of psychotic break as a result of malarial infection was inserted into the narrative.

This wasn’t the first interference from Malone — or his camp, shall we say — which Kingston had attracted. In her video appeal she reveals that she had received telephone calls from two big names in the health-freedom space, Micky Willis (the director of Vaxxed and the Plandemic series) and Mike Adams, the ‘Health Ranger’, founder of Brighteon TV. Both tried to persuade her to ‘resolve her differences’ with Malone. Adams warned her that she risked being sued by the aggressively litigious Malone, who is already suing Peter and Ginger Breggin and Dr Jane Ruby for $25 million dollars (actually a lot more than that now, since — would you believe? — he is claiming monthly interest on the sum!) He won’t win unless the court is rigged; the case shouldn’t even be allowed come to court. Read the Breggins’ impressive Motion to Dismiss; robust debate is protected under the Constitution, and there is no case to answer. Malone has admitted in a tweet that it is unlikely that he will win, and that he is doing it for the ‘chilling effect’ he hopes it will have on the ‘defamation business model’. In other words, this is law-fare, abusing the legal progress to drain one’s opponents’ time, energy and resources.

Kingston declined to make contact, since these issues cannot be resolved by negotiation, and certainly not by the suppression of information. The scientific question: Are the injections biotechnological weapons, and what is the end-goal of the injection program? The legal question: are the pharmaceutical corporations immune from prosecution, or can the legal system be used against them? Can the law be used to seize all vials as murder weapons and shut down the democidal program? As a medical-legal expert, this is Kingston’s wheelhouse.

No, no, and no, says Dr No.

Yes, yes, and yes, insists Karen Kingston. Criminal acts cannot be indemnified by contract; the variability of the product amounts to criminal human experimentation. Therefore Pfizer is not immune.

Did her determined stance lead to her name being added to a government kill-list? We don’t know, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if it’s true. We do know that the notion is not absurd, or ‘bizarre’. We have already seen the suspicious deaths of Dr Rashid Buttar, a prominent dissident, who claimed before his death that he had been poisoned, and Brandy Vaughan, the long-time vaccine campaigner, who was found dead after a campaign of intimidation. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR process which was co-opted to create the over-cycled Covid-19 PCR tests on which the entire perception of a pandemic was built, died at a very convenient time for those planning to misuse his work. And in fact naturopathic and alternative health practitioners and microbiologists have been dying in anomalous circumstances for years — the health campaigner Erin Elizabeth has kept a log of these deaths.

So no one can dismiss out of hand the warning that Karen Kingston was given by a private security contractor Ernest Luque that her name was on a government hit-list and that she had only a 50% chance of survival, and that the reasons concerned her messaging on the technological and legal issues, and her messaging about a specific individual in the health-freedom movement, which could only mean Robert Malone. Thus her appeals to him to use any influence he might have to have the hit called off. She specifically says she does not know who advised the CIA to have her terminated.

While his wife was going over Karen’s social media accounts, Malone was on the phone to Luque, who quite naturally denied having transmitted any such warnings to her. Of course he did. Can he be expected to repeat such dangerous information to anyone who asks? Again, that gave Malone what he wanted: now he could imply that that Kingston had imagined the whole episode and was suffering from some kind of malarial delusions. This is gaslighting at its finest. In his commentary on Kingston’s video appeal, Malone uses the word ‘crazy’ over and over again. ‘Full on crazy talk… another crazy lie… This is just crazy talk, completely irrationaljust plain crazy... just plain crazy…’

We get it, Robert. We see what you’re trying to do.

I have no reason to doubt that Luque made his call to Kingston and said what she says he did. Right or wrong, Kingston took the decisions she did because she was in genuine fear for her life. Diana West has confirmed that she did indeed hire Luque’s firm to protect her. Whether Luque’s warning was authentic or part of a set-up, who can say? But she wasn’t making it up, and to take such a warning seriously was the only rational course, and nothing to do with malarial hallucinations. Anything unusual in her demeanour or delivery — and I found her perfectly cogent and rational — can be ascribed to fear and severe fatigue.

The gaslight was turned up high by none other than Mike Adams — “such a sweet man,” Kingston had said about his phone call to her — who published this disgraceful article on Natural News. In it he features a video message from Kingston’s son Gavyn to amplify the ‘malarial delusion’ explanation for her ‘bizarre’ claims. He notes that it is strange that Gavyn should have sent this message to his mother via a public medium, rather than by private phone call or email. It certainly helps to cement the malaria connection in the public mind. But now the strawman claim that Kingston was accusing Malone of ordering a hit on her has swelled hyperbolically to Malone “somehow running a CIA hit squad”. Adams repeats the phrase “hit squad” or “assassination squad” no less than six times in the article. It’s a scurrilous distortion. He also hammers home the premature and prejudicial conclusion, over and over again, that Kingston was suffering from malarial delusions:

“In this video, she seems extremely anxious, frazzled, or even on the edge of a nervous break of some kind (my opinion).”

“…this appears to confirm what Karen’s son has implied, which is that Karen’s state of health is not sound, and specifically implying that the words she spoke in the video were not coming from a place of a healthy, sound mind, and that she needs to seek medical attention.”

“Based on information from her own family, it seems to me that Karen Kingston was most likely suffering from side effects of a malaria treatment drug, and that she filmed that original video while under the influence of that drug.”

“Now, we learn this whole thing was most likely the result of a medication side effect, and that Karen was likely not of sound mind when she recorded that video and posted it to the world, claiming she was being hunted like an animal and was on the verge of being killed.”

“Until then, folks, stay off mind-altering medications.”

This is appalling journalism, if you can even call it that: naked propaganda, hammering home the narrative shift in the crudest possible fashion. Adams admits that it was “certainly possible that someone was trying to kill her, given how much she has exposed about vaccine ingredients, patents and the like.” He then claims that he had assembled a military extraction squad and berates Kingston for having turned her phone and other electronic communications off when he was trying to reach her, despite the obvious explanation that she was on the move and didn’t want to be tracked.

This kind of deliberate obtuseness characterises the articles by both Malone and Adams and amounts to a smear campaign to discredit Kingston as “not being of sound mind” when she went on the run and made her appeal. Adams also pretends (as does Malone) that he has no idea why “a relatively small set of individuals have decided that Dr. Malone is persona non grata (in the health freedom space) and must be relentlessly attacked.” He fails to mention Malone’s spurious defamation suits against those who criticise him — this despite the fact that he personally warned Kingston in a phone call that Malone might sue her if she didn’t desist.

I find Adams’ role in this whole affair highly questionable. In the phone call he pressed Kingston to submit to the ‘chilling effect’ of Malone’s lawfare campaign, and now in this article he amplifies the psychiatric smear constructed by Malone. This kind of tactic has pretty dark connotations.

Psychiatric abuse is a hallmark of totalitarian systems: that was the starting point of an essay I wrote nearly seven years ago now, entitled THE MADNESS GAMBIT — CONSPIRACY THEORY AND THE SOFT GULAG:

Totalitarian governments use psychiatry to create a second, secret gulag, as the state seeks to control every aspect of the individual’s life, and the nature of reality itself becomes a matter of centralised edict.”

But so, increasingly, do liberal democracies. I gave a range of examples, but there was one among them which is highly relevant to our current situation.

“In 2009, Jane Bürgermeister, an editor at a medical journal based in Vienna, exposed the apparent attempt by the Baxter Corporation to trigger a deadly flu pandemic in Europe by distributing 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with live human and avian flu viruses in circumstances which cannot have been accidental. For humans, avian flu is deadly but rarely contagious. Human flu is rarely lethal but highly contagious. A reassortment of genes would likely have created a global pandemic on the scale of the 1918 ‘Spanish’ flu. Disaster was only averted due to the vigilance of Czech lab technicians. Bürgermeister proceeded to file legal charges against Baxter and publicize the issue to great effect; ahead of her time, she warned the world about the WHO’s intention to override national sovereignty, along with its plans for forced injections of a ‘biological weapon’ disguised as a vaccine.

“What is technically a biological weapon is being sold to us as a prophylactic, and if we don’t take it voluntarily… we are finally forced to take it.”

Bürgermeister was then subjected to a terrifying legal assault by the Austrian government which sought to portray her as ‘a dangerous conspiracy theorist’ and strip her of all civic rights and assets. Ten days before her court appearance, Bürgermeister wrote:

This Sachwalterschaftsverfahren or court guardianship is usually used for extremely elderly people who are diagnosed as senile, and means you give all your rights to the court. But it seems such a court guardianship can also be used to eliminate any critic of the Austrian government or of vaccines because there is absolutely no control over what judges put in files.

The government clearly decided to make the fake charges look like they were filed by my ‘supporters’. But what these charges really are supposed to do is leave the impression I am an hysterical and potentially dangerous conspiracy theorist who has to be confined to a mental institute.’

All postings to Bürgermeister’s website cease from the point of her court appearance on August 12th 2010.”

Dissident doctors in the current crisis have been routinely subjected to psychiatric coercion. A few notable examples have caught my attention, but there may be dozens or hundreds more. The English GP Dr Sam White, after declining to take part in the vaccination programme at his group practice, was told by a senior NHS adviser — “We’re worried about you. We think you might not be well.” A tribunal found him guilty of exhibiting ‘paranoid and disinhibited behaviour’, and committed him to a full General Medical Council trial, which is still pending. (For ‘paranoid and disinhibited’, read ‘logical and principled’.) The naturopath and campaigner Dr Sherri Tenpenny was ‘invited’ to undergo (and pay for) a psychiatric examination as proceedings to deprive her of her medical license got underway. The Austrian Dr Thomas Binder was actually incarcerated in a psychiatric institution and told he would not be released for six weeks unless he agreed to take psychiatric medications and submit to a weekly blood test to ensure his compliance. The threat of psychiatric coercion is firmly entrenched in the totalitarian zeitgeist; the UK Coronavirus Act of 2020, still in force, strips away protections under the Mental Health Act of 1984. Now you — or more probably I — can be committed to the psychiatric system on the say-so of one doctor — a who is not treating you and doesn’t even know you — and without the endorsement of family members. That’s a pretty striking anomaly: how does an outbreak of respiratory infection justify draconian changes to mental health laws? However, a psychiatric gulag can be very useful to a totalitarian movement which knows it will have to silence many doctors and experts.

This is the background against which the use of the psychiatric smear should be seen.

It’s not a good look.


  1. True words to make one shudder.

    Sadly, Karen Kingston is, in my view, at least a little bit crazy for believing that state apparatus would ever allow itself to be used against itself. That is, given that at this point it’s probably safe to assume there is no important difference between big gov’t and big pharma. Or big gov’t and big anything. Could be it’s more accurate to say that she is a bit behind in comprehending the deeper reality of things, like so many of us are, such that the act of whistleblowing is believed to have power to provoke any outcome other than the thorough cooking of ones’ own goose.

    I mean, here you are being robbed at gunpoint by an entire gang of robbers and you think some of them are going to stop & listen to you? That they will see your point, agree with you and convince the rest of the gang to surrender all their weapons and allow themselves to be jailed by you? By calling for serious, honest and open investigative legal action to uncover the facts, this is pretty much what she’s been hoping for.

    A well-intended & tragically heroic kind of crazy, but crazy nonetheless. (Not that I’m advocating inaction, silence or meek compliance– just that our situation is akin to being non-believers stuck in a mad, global cult one cannot leave.)

    The field of psychology/psychiatry has been toothless & asleep at the wheel since day one has it not? Sigmund Freud himself wandered around nuked to the gills on cocaine and openly handed it out to his patients and cohorts all the while singing its’ praises. What has changed in 100+ years? Not much. We’ve managed to map out the deeper levels of hell perhaps, but that’s about it. We don’t know the way out. More people are crazy now than ever before in history. More and more people are prescribed psych meds every day. Potentially, this field of study could drag humanity’s head out of its’ ass and help birth something for us all at least resembling a utopia? Yet it has barely even moved an inch from its’ early days. Shock therapy is even back in vogue. One step forward, two steps back, wtf. In my life I’ve spoken with dozens of shrinks and only maybe 2 or 3 had any clue as to the level of madness that is carried so casually and regarded as “normal” by greater humanity. The ones that did have a clue admitted they dared not speak their minds for fear of losing their licenses / peer acceptance.

    Seems only scant few of us really care about living powerfully healthy lives and find courage to buck the poison tide taking personal action to that end. You either pull your head out of your indoctrinated ass or you just stay crazy. I hope Karen comes out the other side of all this ‘cuz we certainly don’t need yet another dead hero/doctor.

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