On 14th June 2021, in the aftermath of a huge anti-lockdown protest in London, a senior BBC reporter named Nick Watt was chased out of Whitehall, to taunts of ‘traitor’, ‘scum’, and ‘liar’. 

‘Shame on you! Shame on you!’ chanted the protesters as Watt scooted like a frightened rabbit behind the police barricades blocking access to Downing Street.

The government and the BBC clutched their collective pearls in horror and fainted backwards onto a carefully-placed sofa. 

‘Completely unacceptable behaviour!’ bleated the Corporation. 

‘Disgraceful!’ tweeted Boris Johnson. ‘The media must be able to report the facts without fear or favour – they are the lifeblood of our democracy.’

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, called the footage ‘appalling and distressing’, adding, ‘The safety of journalists is fundamental to our democracy.’ 

A spokesman for the ‘opposition’ Labour Party said, “It is shocking that a BBC lanyard makes someone a target like this.”

In subsequent days, a high-level meeting at the BBC is said to have taken place to discuss the problem — that the Corporation’s hold over a significant section of the British public appeared to have been broken.

What could be behind it? Where could this fury possibly have been coming from?

The politicians could not really be surprised. Over the previous sixteen months the vast, sprawling apparatus of the coercively-funded, government-controlled British Broadcasting Corporation had acted as a megaphone for incessant fear-propaganda about an ‘emergency’ which had been used to seize dictatorial power and strip the British public of their livelihoods and fundamental rights. Hatred of the BBC was quite simply hatred of the government of which it was the propaganda arm.

In September 2020, a huge crowd packed Trafalgar Square chanting and singing — “We are the 99{7afbbc0afb0c7a66aa968a61965a5f55aa54e1a53c5ce8d1dec42cbaeedea50c}!” “You can stick your poison vaccine up your arse!” and “Take down the BBC!” 

A new coalition of journalists, media and public relations professionals, Journalists Against Covid Censorship, drew up an effective summary of the failures of the ‘legacy media’ to provide citizens with impartial information when they needed it most:

“Since March 2020, the UK Media has:

  • Frequently published fear-inducing and sometimes inaccurate news coverage;
  • Undermined initiatives such as the Great Barrington Declaration that offer alternatives to the government’s Covid-19 mitigation policies, while hit pieces have been commissioned targeting scientists who dissent from the dominant Covid-19 narrative;
  • Helped foster what is now emerging as a hostile environment for people who choose not to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

The UK media has often failed to:

  • Provide proper context for statistics on Covid-19 ‘cases’ and deaths;
  • Give due coverage to alternative treatments such as ivermectin, fluvoxamine, hydroxychloroquine and EXO-CD24;
  • Enquire into the methodology of the PCR process, particularly its suitability as a diagnostic test and the thresholds at which the tests are run;
  • Provide a balanced account of the cost and impact of the lockdown policy;
  • Give serious attention to (when not downplaying) instances of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccination, including death (few media platforms reference data from the Government’s Yellow Card vaccine injury reporting scheme, for example;
  • Report on and condemn the routine censorship by tech giants of dissenting voices and opinions;
  • ‘follow the money’ by subjecting the interconnected political, financial, philanthropic and industrial interests responsible for the Covid-19 programme to sustained and proper scrutiny.”

Even though this document soft-pedals to a degree by using qualifiers such as ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ and ‘frequently’ where ‘consistently’, ‘deliberately’, and ‘as a matter of policy’ might be more appropriate, this amounts to quite a rap-sheet. These are not trivial charges, and they apply most sharply to the BBC, as a public service broadcaster, whose role during the pandemic amounts to an utter dereliction of duty and its weaponisation against objectivity and truth. The protesters find the Corporation guilty on all counts; to them it has revealed itself as nothing more or less than a proto-totalitarian instrument of propaganda and censorship. Those with memories know that this is not a new situation; current circumstances have merely thrown the reality into stark relief. 

Thus the epithets hurled at Nick Watt — ‘traitor’, ‘liar’, ‘scum.’ 

“What we are witnessing is a form of bio-terrorism,” declared Dr Peter McCollough, an internationally recognised authority on the evaluation of medical evidence. In the UK, Dr Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer chief research scientist (respiratory), detailed eight thematic lies being propagated by the government and its mouthpiece — every main aspect of the government’s corona-narrative, he has told us, is a conscious lie, inverting accepted medical and ethical practice and jettisoning known immunological and epidemiological principles.  

The 2020 protests were quickly stifled by a second national lockdown over the winter, but came roaring back in April of 2021, rapidly growing into the biggest demonstrations the capital has ever seen. The BBC monkey covered its ears and eyes and pretended not to notice. When it acknowledged their existence at all, it claimed that the marchers consisted of a tiny minority of ‘right-wing conspiracy theorists’. A few hundred of them, that’s all. A few thousand at most.  

Lies don’t come much more brazen than that: footage of the crowds in Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Whitehall and Hyde Park on weekends in May clearly showed hundreds of thousands of people of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life; on June 12th, half a million by conservative estimates; on June 26th, central London was overwhelmed by a vast tide of people flooding in from all quarters of the kingdom, despite the extension of travel bans.

Judge for yourself. It doesn’t look to me like ‘a few’ anything. It looks more like a cross-section of the entire British public. It looks like everyone.

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