On 14th October 2020 an email was sent to a publication called The Canadian Report from an anonymous source purporting to be a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Liberal Party of Canada (under the Prime Minister’s Office), tasked with creating a plan to achieve 100{7afbbc0afb0c7a66aa968a61965a5f55aa54e1a53c5ce8d1dec42cbaeedea50c} compliance with the plan outlined in the ‘roadmap’ the committee was given.

(My summary in table form of the information given in the email.)

*Debt forgiveness (mortgages, loan and credit cards) under International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Debt Reset Program, conditional on vaccine compliance  (COV-19 & -21) and forfeiture of all assets/ renunciation of all ownership & private property in perpetuity. 

Those who comply will receive Universal Basic Income (UBI) & be free to travel & live unrestricted under the Health Pass/ Immunity Passport scheme. 

The non-compliant will continue under indefinite lockdown until transitioned into isolation facilities and classified as serious public health risk. If they continue to refuse to participate, all assets will be seized. 


How credible is this alleged leak? 

The expansion of internment camp provision in Canada is real. According to a request for information, the Public Health Agency of Canada is currently managing eleven quarantine isolation sites across Canada, each site housing up to 1,600 inmates. The article appeared a week after MPP Randy Hillier asked questions in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario about the expansion of internment camp provision in Canada, and had his microphone cut and his supplementary question ignored by the Speaker without any explanation. Hillier’s question concerned the Canadian government’s Request for Proposal providing wide latitude for a broad spectrum of people to be detained, not just those placed in COVID quarantine.

The Canadian Report headlines its article ‘Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021?’ Obviously, any such plan could not relate to Canada in isolation and would therefore have to originate at levels above Trudeau’s pay grade. I would assume that, if the leak is genuine, we will see the whole of the British Commonwealth at least, and most likely the whole world with few exceptions, following the same roadmap. 

In the last week of October, New Zealand announced its own quarantine/internment camps. Prime Minister Ardern made it clear that internees would include people who declined a COVID test. 

Calls have been made for debt-forgiveness over the past six months. In May, the  prominent economist James K Galbraith called for a debt jubilee in an article in New York Magazine, arguing that once the pandemic has passed, “there will be a vast tangle of unpaid debts that cannot be cleared,” and thus “the whole financial system will have to be reset.” 

An IMF World Debt Reset Programme does not seem to exist officially as yet. However, on 3rd June 2020, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, addressed the World Economic Forum, calling for new Bretton Woods agreement and endorsing the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ campaign. As conceived by the WEF, the Great Reset goes far beyond economics. Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Director of the Forum, used his keynote speech at the same conference to call for a reset of ‘our economic and social foundations’ to ‘revamp all aspects of our societies and our economies.’ In his books, Schwab goes even further than that, enthusiastically endorsing a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ characterised by artificial intelligence, ubiquitous automation and robotics, and the emergence of fusion technologies merging the digital, biological and physical realms. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, not just human society but the human organism itself is to be ‘revamped’.

“The future will challenge our understanding of what it means to be human, from both a biological and a social standpoint.” (Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2018)

At the beginning of July this year, Schwab published his book COVID-19: The Great Reset, celebrating the way the pandemic has ‘turbo-charged’ this process, creating a window of opportunity to ‘reset’ the human condition, solving its most intractable problems including poverty, inequality and environmental degradation.

As recently as October 12, the World Bank called for a comprehensive debt relief programme as amounts owed by low-income and developing nations hit record levels. According to World Bank estimates, the economic effects of the lockdowns may already have forced an additional 100 million people across the world into extreme poverty. There seems little doubt that if the cycle of lockdowns continues into 2021, it will induce a global economic and food-chain collapse. Many commentators already see such a collapse as inevitable. 

There are widespread suspicions about what is driving this crisis, and why governments seem determined to continue with such disastrous policies, impossible to justify in the light of what is now known about the limited lethality and transmissibility of the virus, and the development of effective treatment regimes. 

Since the beginning of the crisis, there have been legitimate questions about foreknowledge, the relationship of the outbreak to the Gates Foundation/ WEF’s Event 201 simulation conducted in October 2019, and the uncannily accurate predictions made by Bill Gates and Dr Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates calls COVID-19 ‘Pandemic #1’ and has stated openly and authoritatively that Pandemic #2 ‘will get [everyone’s] attention.’ These ‘experts’ never state their premises, leaving it a mystery how they can see so infallibly into the future.

Back in 2016, the WEF published an article headlined “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” At the time, readers might have found it hard to imagine what might come about to make a bridge to the article’s projected communist future. It’s less difficult now.  

Some people I admire are expressing scepticism about the alleged leak. ‘They don’t need to confiscate property,” says Catherine Austin Fitts, “when they’re confiscating minds.”

The investigative journalist Eva Bartlett questions the silence around the leak from highly regarded Canadian investigative journalists like James Corbett or Dan Dicks, or the lawyer Rocco Galati. After persistent attempts to contact MPP Randy Hillier, she finally received this reply from his office.

“This leak remains yet unverified, however a significant number of investigators are coming to the conclusion that it is a hoax. However, we know this to be real:…/1602118577/cds.pdf


David Shostal

Chief of Staff to Randy Hillier, MPP.”

Bartlett makes her position clear in a Facebook post: “It isn’t that I don’t believe the Canadian government has been implementing criminal policies against Canadian civilians during this corona hysteria. And it isn’t that I don’t believe internment camps, sorry, ‘isolation camps’ aren’t in the works. But, I also don’t want to endorse disinformation sources which discredit real information put out there by diligent researchers.”

I would always take what either Fitts or Bartlett says very seriously. Neither would disagree, however, that if a hoax has been created as a misinformation trap to discredit those who are warning about internment camps, it is because the camps are real. As with the ‘Report from Iron Mountain’, problems of attribution may turn out not to matter too much in the final analysis, if the roadmap leads towards a reality that lies over the horizon.

We will see. If ‘COVID-21’ — Bill Gates’ ‘Pandemic #2’ — is announced early next year, little doubt will remain that this ‘global health crisis’ is being manufactured, managed and maintained, among other purposes to implode the world economy to create the desperation and chaos out of which a new order can be shaped — a centralised, technocratic, totalitarian World State.

4/2/21 Canadians being forced into isolation camps

2 thoughts on “The ROADMAP

  1. A very good article. The reference to the Iron Mountain report certainly gives disturbing echoes concerning both content and origins. This ‘Canadian Leak’ all smacks of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” paradox. A tract anonymously appears which very accurately describes or uncovers a sinister plan or stratagem which seems to carry the unmistakable ‘ring of truth’ to a target audience or esoteric cognoscenti. The ‘enlightened’ seize upon it and disseminate it as ‘proof’ or evidence of malevolent intent. Once the target audience/group has run with it someone later puts their hand up and declares it was a spoof with evidence to support their claim. Wiki-doodah states that the ‘Protocols’ were simply a propaganda piece released by the Russian Tsar’s secret police plagiarised from various disparate earlier sources. An alternative ‘psy-op’ view would be that all plans may be discovered hence it is better to make them public either as an abstract ‘what if’ or as a forgery which pre-empts any accusations stemming from the content. A double bluff – ‘revelation of the method’ which mocks the accusor. The jury seems to be in on Q-Anon after all- or maybe not -Trump could still have the last laugh.

  2. That’s a very well-expressed analysis of how it works, the Protocols paradox, nicely put. Q told me too many times to enjoy the show, it’s all a movie, and all that. But we’ll see. Thanks for that very cogent comment.

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