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When faced with challenging information, the undisciplined mind – or the clever disinformation agent – goes straight to questions of How? and Why? and uses the difficulty of these questions to negate the reality.

The first order question must be the straightforward What? So in the question of geo-engineering, or ‘chemtrails’, the question must be: What is happening? Is our atmosphere being injected with aerosols, or not? Only once this question has been answered can we logically proceed to second order questions.

Reversing this logical order is the essence of the Appeal to Ignorance. 

For example:

How would such a big operation be funded?

I don’t know.

Therefore the operation is not being funded.

Therefore it does not exist.


How are all the people involved in such a huge operation kept from speaking out?

We don’t know.

Therefore they are not kept from speaking out.

Therefore the operation does not exist.

This is the kind of reverse logic which blinds people to the evidence of their own eyes.

Of course, a newcomer to the subject of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) — the correct term — will balk at accepting that an infrastructure extensive enough to deliver the programme could possibly exist. Gatekeepers will emphasise, as they always do, the necessary vastness of the conspiracy and the impossibility of keeping it hidden. However, it is important to understand, when discussing issues usually dismissed as impractical ‘conspiracy theories’ that the platforms and capabilities which suddenly manifest themselves do not appear out of nowhere.

In the case of SAI, it helps to understand how the operation has evolved. Weather modification using chemicals dispersed from aeroplanes is a fact, and its employment a matter of historical record from the 1940s onward. It is well known that during the Vietnam war cloud-seeding was used to inundate enemy supply routes with heavy rain in an operation code-named POPEYE. It was no secret that weather modification was used by the Chinese to keep the skies clear for their Olympic games in 2008. By the end of the second world war the US had started investing heavily in weather modification research and systems, having suffered extensive Japanese firebombing by balloon and a serious threat of devastating biological warfare enabled by the knowledge the Japanese had developed in atmospheric currents. Before the war was over, the Americans were already trying to work out how to redirect the Jet Stream — a grandiose scheme indeed, but indicative of how seriously the science of weather-modification was taken. 

So it should not be too difficult for people to imagine the covert use of this technology, for example, to create drought or flooding for purposes of economic warfare and political destabilisation. Indeed all three superpowers have used weather warfare extensively, leading to an international treaty signed in 1978 renouncing the practice. The treaty appears to have had little restraining effect, given the deniability of this covert form of warfare. In 1996 the US Air Force published a research paper entitled ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025’.

There are other military applications in addition to the weaponisation of storms, floods and drought. At some point, a high tech communications application has been incorporated into existing systems; the Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation Model (VTRPEM), used in the Radio Frequency Mission Planner System (RFMPS). This system makes possible real-time, three-dimensional beyond-horizon imaging, but is enabled by increased atmospheric conductivity, achieved by spraying barium salts into the stratosphere. This is not new information. Electromagnetic applications have in all likelihood developed exponentially over the last few years; there may be programmes associated with the ionisation of the troposphere which are inconceivable to the general public.

If VTRPEM has been piggy-backed onto existing systems for weather modification, so can other operations be grafted onto the same technology. INDIGO SKYFOLD is part of an umbrella aerosol operation thought to be designated CLOVERLEAF, and that cryptonym suggests the intersection of multiple ‘leaves’, or agendas.

The public cover is climate remediation. Weather modification systems provide the infrastructure for a new programme of ‘solar radiation management’ — the use of aerosols to create an increased albedo effect to mitigate global warming — which government and academic sources claim to be the purpose of this deliberate modification of the atmosphere.

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, Edward Teller, one of the first scientists to raise the alarm about CO2 levels, proposed a stratospheric aluminium oxide shield to deflect sunlight. Later in the same decade he reversed his opinion on global warming, and was one of the most prominent signatories of the Oregon Petition (1998), which states:

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.

Meanwhile, the universities, the UN, and various government science and public policy advisors, such as Professor David Keith of Harvard University and the Obama administration’s Chief Scientific Officer John P Holdren, seek to acclimatise the public by projecting the ‘possibility’ of using stratospheric aerosol injection to limit the amount of solar energy entering the climate system. It is acknowledged that experimentation has been underway for some time. Oxford University offers post-graduate degrees and research posts in Solar Radiation Management (SRM) or Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE), as do Harvard and other leading universities. The reason such ‘proposals’ — as referenced for example by the CIA Director John Brennan at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2016 — assume the feasibility of this type of climate engineering is because the delivery systems already exist.

The evidence shows that it is already happening on a huge scale. Our skies have been visibly transformed by a global geo-engineering program of aerosol injection. This is incontrovertible. We can debate its significance, but for any thinking person to refuse to acknowledge it is simply a denial of reality. Wilful blindness to threatening realities may not be anything new, but the scale and visibility of this is so great that the act of not-seeing involved is almost miraculous. Meanwhile the increasing climate chaos — including the frightening maelstroms of forest-fires across the world from California to Eastern Australia by way of Siberia, Greece, Sweden, Latvia — is ascribed to carbon-driven global warming, which was always and only ever a myth propagated to provide a fig-leaf for CLOVERLEAF, enough to fool the bewildered herd. It doesn’t take much, after all. It never does.

With such an extensive program, we should assume that there are multiple objectives behind atmospheric modification.

Clifford Carnicom is an independent scientist who has been studying the issue for some time. Carnicom is painstaking, pedantic and exacting, and his papers represent the result of years — often more than a decade — of work. He is the founder of CarnicomInstitute.Org, and his papers can be read (and peer-reviewed) there.

When Carnicom first started sharing information online, he noticed a strange — and strangely validating — pattern of visits to his site. While at that stage he had zero public profile and his site drew very few visits from the general readers, it attracted intense interest from high-level official bodies including the Pentagon, multiple Air Force and Navy bases and commands, the US Senate, NASA laboratories, aerospace corporations, military agencies, government environmental and health agencies, national security, intelligence and emergency agencies, pharmaceutical corporations and weapon and defence system contractors, research organisations and the media, all of which he was able to document. As narrated in the documentary Aerosol Crimes:

Over the next few years a glaring disparity evolved. On the one hand, a high level of monitoring of documentation, sampling, research analysis and disclosure efforts… on the other, a campaign of continuous dismissal of the significance of the issue and a refusal to investigate was conducted by those very same visitors.

This contradiction would seem to undermine the US Air Force’s public position that the entire subject is a hoax. In the meantime, Carnicom’s scientific studies have revealed how huge, and how hugely significant, the field is, and have led him to some startling conclusions. Firstly, his initial analyses of samples showed a predominance of metallic salts, which absorb water, leading him to become interested in the specific salts being used and the reasons they might have been selected. Barium is extremely toxic, and its prevalence has huge implications for interpretation. But Carnicom’s breakthrough was in realising what these particular metallic salts –- of barium, magnesium, calcium, potassium — have in common. They all belong to a particular class of salts that ionise — i.e., become electrically charged — when subjected to energy, even at low levels. Sunlight is sufficient to ionise this class of material. Electrically charged gas, or plasma, can conduct energy without a solid medium, as in a neon light bulb, where there is no filament. In a plasma, not all the particles have to carry charge. The ionosphere is an electrically-charged atmospheric layer, but only 3% of its mass is charged, and that’s enough to completely change the physical properties of the medium. Therefore, Carnicom argues that our atmosphere has been transformed into a plasma.

Over the course of seven years, Carnicom has developed a list of potential applications of the aerosol program, some of which overlap, and has settled on seven — not necessarily a complete list, but possibilities which satisfy all the data.

1 Environmental modification and control/ weather modification

2 Military operations

3 Electromagnetic operations

4 Biological operations

5 Geophysical effects

6 Surveillance using LIDAR – light detection and ranging

7 Detection of exotic propulsion systems within the atmosphere

The second type of material found in the air samples consists of fibres and filaments. Like the former, these are now thoroughly disseminated and ubiquitous in the environment and living organisms.

What are they?


These filaments have been the main focus of Carnicom’s work for the last few years, yielding significant discoveries in the area of synthetic biology. Firstly, that these ambient environmental filaments are unique, and unidentifiable. No natural filament, whether hair, spiderwebs or anything else, at that size range — less than a micron — exists in nature. For comparison, asbestos fibres measure two microns, bacteria range in size from 1-10 microns and human hair from 60 to 100 microns. Sophisticated laboratory tests by experienced microscopists partnered with Carnicom have concluded that these fibres are completely novel: they do not exist in nature, or in the database.

The US Environmental Protection Agency was provided with samples and has refused to identify them, or even acknowledge their existence.


But to some people they are horribly familiar. Contemporaneously with the ramping up of the spraying programs in the 1990s, we have seen the appearance worldwide of a nightmarish disease known as Morgellons Syndrome, which the medical profession refuses to recognise, calling it ‘delusional parasitosis’. Wikipedia speculatively describes it, if you want to hear a nice Gibsonesqe bit of science-fiction, as a ‘mimetic infection spread through the internet’.

Morgellons sufferers develop agonising lesions all over their bodies, which do not heal but ooze continually and extrude coloured filaments similar to the airborne fibres in many respects. Carnicom acknowledges that no direct linkage has been proven, stressing the need for further investigation.

Looking at samples from Morgellons patients and samples of environmental filaments, physical similarities can be observed, especially at microscopic range. There are resemblances in physical morphology and constitution. A single fibre, maybe 15 microns in diameter, will contain a sub-series of numerous fibres at the sub-micron level.


Many of these are carbon nano-tubes, which can be cultured to produce colonies. They are motile, and continue to live and reproduce outside the body. Carnicom has concluded that their coating is keratin, the durable protein used by insects in their wing casings. The tubules are segmented, with visible structures inside them. Airborne filaments have been identified over and over as carrying unusual biological components. Some of these turn out, amazingly, to be desiccated erythrocytes (red blood cells) –- human, but engineered in such a way as to allow them to survive independently of the human body. Such a thing represents an extraordinary breakthrough: the creation of artificial blood was always the holy grail of biological science, and has been achieved — but kept secret.

In a study of huge significance (and of course receiving an amount of publicity in inverse proportion to its significance through the corporate media), asthma researchers at the University of Paris-Saclay in France in 2016 found carbon nano-tubes in the lung fluid of all 64 children in its sample. This finding left a New Scientist writer grasping at nothing; nor do the experts he quotes possess any context for the information, and they struggle to make sense of it.

“The level at which the nanotubes are present is unclear, as is their source,” writes the author, “although the team found similar structures in dust and vehicle exhaust collected in Paris.”

Jonathan Grigg, a leading paediatrician in the effects of air pollution at Queen Mary University of London, opined that if we are breathing in carbon nanotubes, it’s probably nothing new and fossil fuels are a likely source. “I guess we’ve been breathing them for a very long time. But it needs more work, for sure.” Yet another confirmation that the Academy is asleep, which is why independent scientists like Carnicom are so important, having both the expertise and the courage to follow independent avenues of inquiry.

Everybody is nano-infected. The fibres can be cultured from samples taken from both people and animals. For the last few years Carnicom has worked intensely with filaments cultured from oral samples. Tissue cultures from randomly selected individuals who are not Morgellons sufferers also contain and grow the same hybrid, transbiological forms.

One of the most shocking observations is that the blood cells and other structures found inside carbon nano-tubes produced by Morgellons sufferers or cultured from air samples show the characteristics of all three life-kingdoms: bacteria, archaea and eucharia. Bacteria and archaea are simple forms, with no subcells; archaea are the hardiest of all life forms, able to withstand grinding pressure, extreme heat or cold, acidity or alkalinity – they can exist in volcanoes, geysers or ice shelves. Morgellons filaments endure fire, bleach, acid, and replicate outside the body in a petrie dish. The materials inside them look like bacteria, are as tough as archaea, and self-replicate like eucharia. They resemble bacteria, but are not. The fibres might be classified as fungal, but contain forms from the other two groups. This combination of the three life kingdoms does not occur in nature.

Artefacts emitted through lesions in the skin of advanced Morgellons sufferers include filaments, crystalline forms, meshes, plaques, shards, structures, grooved metallic devices — some of these branded with letters and numbers — motile strands and flagella.

We are becoming a hybrid form.

“Materials are forming in our bodies that are not native to us, not natural, and entirely new,” says Sofia Smallstorm, in her darkly illuminating presentation From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology“Artificial materials are being introduced into living things to create new processes which over-ride our own natural biology.”

Since both healthy bodies and Morgellons sufferers produce the same tissue cultures, the difference may lie in the individual host. We cannot assume that any of us are immune to whatever processes are being initiated within us by this bio-technological infection. It is probable that all our bodies are being invaded by the same transformative processes, and that Morgellons sufferers are simply those whose bodies painfully reject these foreign materials.

Suddenly I understand the art of H R Giger.



To read more about the intersecting agendas of the geo-engineering project, please go to CarnicomInstitute.Org.


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  1. Thank you Paul Dunbar .

    In Japan , absolutely clear impeccable blue sky , the evening air fresh and rich . But I know elsewhere it is not like this .

    Aerosol spraying , vaccines , GMOs , nanotechnology , robotics , separate and often overlapping but primarily unrelated fields of ‘ specialized ‘ science and technology ? Or all of a piece , each designed to be a symbiotic enhancement of the sum ? And all the players gente con gente associates . IG Farben is certainly not dead . It occurs to me that Interessen Gemeinstadt is an ideally expressive phrase . Shared Interests Group . The interests of the Nazis being not unique to them ; Eugenics

    I am an artisan . So I think of the time of Stradivari , and until recently , when the people believed in the Spirit . Milton’s Paradise Lost from 1667 I think , a relic of literature , a ‘ dusty tome ‘ , now speaks to Paradise California . Under the secular veneer , the collective unconscious is awakening . May it be so .

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