“The force possessed by totalitarian propaganda — before the movements have the power to drop iron curtains to prevent anyone’s disturbing, by the slightest reality, the gruesome quiet of an entirely imaginary world — lies in its ability to shut the masses from the real world. The only signs which the real world still offers to the understanding of the unintegrated and disintegrating masses — whom every new stroke of ill luck makes more gullible — are, so to speak, its lacunae, the questions it does not care to discuss publicly, or the rumors it does not dare to contradict because they hit, although in an exaggerated and deformed way, some sore spot.”

— Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951)

A gruesome quiet ensued.

On 19th January 2022 the UK government unexpectedly called a truce in its war on the British people, announcing with a bare minimum of foreshadowing the suspension of its most egregious coronavirus measures. Vaccine and mask mandates were dropped and, within two months, the compulsory self-quarantines went the same way.

And just like that, the tragic farce of the previous two years was put out of mind, in an extraordinary demonstration of what Adolph Hitler called ‘the power of forgetting’.

Oh, there was plenty of noise; noise about an impending invasion, which duly materialised a few weeks later when the Russians tanks rolled on February 24th.

But there had already been another invasion; wider, deeper and more penetrative, which had been ongoing over the course of a whole year. About that other invasion, that profound occupation, there was only silence.

A gruesome quiet.

Silence about the quasi-Fascist Othering of the unvaccinated, the Soviet-style silencing of dissidents, the threats of excommunication and civil death. Silence about the censorship, the slanders and defamation, the deplatforming of dissidents and de-banking of protestors, the stripping of medical licenses and credentials, the psychiatric abuse of doctors like Sam White in the UK and Thomas Binder in Switzerland.

Silence about the release of thousands of pages of Pfizer documents which the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had unsuccessfully petitioned a court to keep secret for 75 years, and which proved not only the deliberate distortion of the trials and the suppression of trial data, but foreknowledge of both the ineffectiveness and deadly impact of the ‘vaccines’ and the horrific range of ‘side effects’ they inflicted. Naomi Wolf, the feminist author and journalist, organised a team of qualified volunteers to go through the 55,000 documents, and for a while, the silence got into her too, but in May 2020 she published a superb article entitled ‘Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide‘. For more detailed reports, go to Wolf’s Daily Clout website.

Silence about sudden unexplained death on a massive scale throughout the vaccinated world, and worst in the most vaccinated populations. For months it had been possible to watch video compilations of people collapsing and dying, seized rigid and twitching, not just on sports fields but streets, subway stations, banks, shops, delivery yards and TV studios. (A series called Young Hearts, focusing on athletes, is now approaching its 30th edition). There were so many that a new syndrome had to be invented: ‘Sudden Adult (or Arrhythmic) Death Syndrome’ — SADS.

These mystery deaths were occurring against a background of increased heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, nightmarish neurological conditions… and an explosion of aggressive cancers, metastasising much earlier than typically, resistant to treatment, and with death often occurring only weeks after diagnosis. At first this was anecdotal, of course, with doctors able only to talk about their own experience. But in March 2022, whistleblowers started exposing the carnage within the ranks of the US military, as recorded on one of the most reliable and respected medical databases in the world, the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED).

Then, in a series of eye-opening revelations, the insurance industry figures started to emerge. In April, Scott Davison, CEO of OneAmerica insurance company, gave an interview in which he revealed that his company was experiencing an unprecedented 40% increase in all-cause mortality — primarily among group life policy holders, i.e. in the working age population (18-64 yrs): and the majority of them not classified as covid deaths. Normal fluctuations from year to year are of the order of 1 or 2%. A two-hundred year natural catastrophe might produce a 10% rise. In terms of probability, a 40% rise represent a 13-Sigma event, so utterly improbable as to appear impossible. Probability: 0%

In August, the American Society of Actuaries published its annual report, which confirmed that in the third quarter of 2021 there was an astonishing spike in working-age excess deaths. In ages 35-44, it was 100% over normal for that quarter, and the rate of excess deaths had remained on average at over 40% during Q1 and Q2 of 2022 and at around 20% above average across all age groups. A former BlackRock securities analyst named Ed Dowd, working with an insurance industry analyst from the top Wall Street research firm Alliance Bernstein, made it his business to analyse and publicise the figures. (Full length interview here.) Group life policies are a standard benefit offered to qualified people in good jobs, and this group is normally the healthiest segment of the population, but in 2021, Dowd tells us, the comparison flipped, to the extent of an 8 point positive differential, a swing of approximately twice that figure.

Why? As far as Dowd is concerned, there was a clear prima facie case to be made. Something significant had changed in 2021. 2021 was the year of the vaccine, and because of these young professionals’ career-focus, this group was under more pressure to submit to the mandates; among the general population there was a higher degree of choice. Therefore, we can assume that this group is more heavily vaccinated than the general population, and unless or until proven otherwise, the primary hypothesis must be that the vaccines are the cause of their catastrophic decline in health. In raw numbers, there were over 61,000 excess deaths [in the US] among millennials (the 25-40 age group) in 2021 — that is more than the total US military casualties for the whole of the Vietnam war, and it had happened in just one year. The group life cohort was the smoking gun in “a silent war that’s not being reported by the legacy media.”

For every death, how many injured and maimed? Dowd’s collaborator unearthed disability data from the US Department Labor monthly household employment survey, so this is real time data. For the previous 5 years, the number of disabled adults unable to work due to disability had hovered around 29 million in the US. There was a spike in the spring of 21, after the commencement of the vaccine program, and another in the fall, adding 3 million individuals — a 10% increase in disability, and continuing to rise.

‘The longer it goes on the more we can say this criminal,’ says Dowd.

The trend was not confined to the US; but from governments across the West there was only a grisly silence. One exception was Denmark, which has banned the use of the covid vaccines for anyone under 50 years of age. No other government, as far as I know, responded in any way to the emerging data. That, in itself, is prima facie evidence of intent. Not that the silence of governments was any surprise — the vaccines should, of course, have been recalled as soon as reporting databases started registering clear early warning signals.

Likewise there was complete silence on any autopsy results. The only word we had was from independent efforts, such as those carried out at the University of Meinz by Professor Arne Burkhardt at the instigation of Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, confirming multiple organ failure due to auto-immune response, the body’s immune system weaponised against itself by the production of the spike-protein antigen throughout the body. Burkhardt’s conclusion was that the mRNA vaccines were responsible for 93% of these unattributed deaths.

Mid-way through 2021, an English undertaker named John O’Looney started speaking out about the anomalies he was witnessing as a well-established and experienced funeral director. His experience in 2020 had singularly not reflected what one would expect from a pandemic; Year Zero had barely registered a signal in terms of excess mortality. As soon as the vaccines were distributed, however, the mortuary fridges were full to overflowing, and not with the normal mortality profile; whichever age-group had been most recently authorised to receive the vaccine became the age-group filling the fridges. O’Looney’s revelations are horrifying enough; in 2022 word began to reach us of the disturbing discoveries of embalmers, in particular Richard Hirschman, whose job was being made extremely difficult by the presence of strange clots blocking the arteries of cadavers. Up to a metre long in some cases, when rinsed-off they were white, fibrous, rubbery and elastic, of the consistency of calamari. Further analysis revealed that they were not blood clots in the normal sense, being extremely low in key components of blood such as iron, and high in concentrations of heavy metals not significantly present in blood; they could best be described as pathogenic amyloids, progressively choking the body of blood-oxygen, inducing death. Hirschman was finding these structures in up to 85% of the bodies he worked with, including individuals who had never had covid but had been vaccinated.

Eventually, people started to succeed in breaking the censorship strangle-hold on social media. Mid-way through 2022 a Facebook group called ‘Died Suddenly News’ managed to evade the censorship algorithms (by using emojis as code for key words) for long enough to accrue over 300,000 members. The page was strictly moderated as a support group; a much-needed space where individuals could simply share their own experiences. As soon as Facebook found it, it was suppressed; but it immediately resurrected itself using diversified codes, while simultaneously preparing a back-up page to be activated once the censorship kicked in again. The gruesome quiet, you see, is imposed on the victims, too; to be injured by the vaccines and to speak about it or reach out to others, as Eric Clapton found out early in the process, is to invite immediate denigration and suppression as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

In October, a Pfizer executive admitted to the European Parliament that the mRNA vaccines had not been tested for their ability to prevent transmission of the virus — which we now know they do not, of course — thus removing the whole basis for vaccination certificates/ passports.

Shielded by silicon curtains of censorship, the oblivious masses had no idea about any of this — and didn’t want to know. It was impossible to warn them, to get through that thorny hedge of silence. What was wrong with them? They seemed unable to question anything, grasp any fact or form any rational argument. They had reacted with fury or absurd tantrums to warnings about the dangers of compliance; once they had taken the mark, they became in most cases utterly unreachable, with many family relationships ruthlessly broken off to shut out any disturbance to the peace of their imaginary world. It was by now absolutely clear — to anyone who wanted to know, that is — what was happening and what had been done. But the general public remained ignorant of all of this, firewalled inside their safe New Normal compound.

In that gruesome quiet, the Great Work continued: the work towards the Great Reset, the Great Transition. The damage already done, the seeds already sown, the totalitarians concentrated on the next phase. The WHO’s pandemic treaty took shape, its signatories renouncing sovereignty over health measures in times of pandemic, as defined and announced by the WHO, and effectively by one man, as shown by its procedures in response to a new monkey-pox ‘pandemic’.

And after all this, in November 2022, the G20 summit took place in Bali, with guest-of-honour Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum welcomed and feted by his proteges as a messiah. Schwab, a private individual not an elected official, was given his own sub-conference, styled the B20 (B for Business), and his own keynote address. At the end of the conference, the Leaders’ Declaration was published, in which covid vaccines were declared to be a ‘global public good’, and governments pledged their commitment to enhancing ‘global surveillance, including genomic surveillance’, to facilitating mRNA technology transfers, affirming ‘support for the strategies for global vaccinations led by the WHO’ and recognising ‘digital … and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations’: explicitly, in other words, vaccine passports, and, by implication, rebooting policies premised on ‘civil death’ for the heretical unvaccinated. Likewise at the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ meeting, it was agreed that governments would work with the World Bank and World Health Organisation to ‘accelerate vaccine-deployment strategies to get more vaccine shots in arms.’

These were announcements that could only be made into the gruesome quiet of an entirely imaginary world.

2 thoughts on “A GRUESOME QUIET

  1. Gobsmackingly shocking, this, yet on we go, tra la la…… straight to hell, eyes wide shut.

    And as evidenced by the unrepentant and defiant “call to amnesty” piece in The Atlantic, nothing at all has been reflected upon or learned by those swarms of us blind, lost and soulless, who’d skittered off back into dark crevices when the light switch was thrown. The darkness will return soon enough, no doubt, shadowing humanity an even blacker shade of black. Denied & side-stepped shame & embarrassment experienced by our cowardly brethren now festers & boils as we speak during this comparatively quiet interim, gathering toxic steam pressure until it blows forth to fuel with renewed righteous fervor the next phase of wild-eyed, finger-pointing cruelty.

    Good to see you back, Paul– I must now be off to enjoy a casual lunch with my sister who’d not let me enter her house for the last 2+ years. ; ]

  2. In July of 2013 , an international banker of Persian descent , based in Switzerland , was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur , for his investigations of massive institutional money laundering by top Malay politicians .
    He was Hussain Najadi , the man who founded Davos Economic Symposium , as an informal gathering place to discuss investment and development .
    His son Pascal Najadi is now fighting the Swiss government and the EU .
    Klaus Schwab did not invent the WEF ; my assertion here is that these people are not smart .
    They are incompetents , mountebanks , they are not capable of inventing anything .
    The EU might last the winter , but the future for the EU and the WEF transhumanist dreams which require control of energy , the selfsame energy that they have vehemently camaigned to abolish , does not look good .

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