If a lethal text is one which destroys the mind of its reader, making it impossible to communicate the content of the text to others, The Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips comes as close as anything I’ve read. Such a controversial and widely-known work might be expected to be surrounded by oceans of commentary, promoting it, debunking it, denying it, defending it, deconstructing it…. but in the case of Trance-formation, there’s a kind of eerie silence. Even hardened alternative commentators and journalists tend to keep their distance from it. Why?

The reasons for the silence might be as much to do with legality as lethality. O’Brien’s autobiography originated as a deprogramming tool, and was revised for use as a legal deposition in the authors’ fruitless search for justice, related in the sequel, Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. As a victim of organized pedophilia and trauma-based mind control, O’Brien names names, and they are names of such power and prominence as to cause a kind of superstitious chill in repeating them. And yet this book has been in print since 1995, and not one of the alleged perpetrators has taken legal action against the authors. Instead, the tactic has been to ignore the text and wrap it in silence. The reality revealed is so disturbing that of course it is no pleasure to dwell on it. Trance-Formation offers essential insights into the power structures leading the West into a new world order, is available on Amazon, and has been read tens of millions of times. And yet, no one speaks of it. It has been compartmentalized, somehow, within the culture. These topics, we sense, are sub rosa.

De Sade reflects in his dismal pornographic fantasies the immunity of aristocrats more powerful than himself, and the birth of the occult networks which have come to political and cultural dominance in our times. Viewed as an archetypal narrative, leaving aside questions of the historical status of the text, Trance-formation forms part of the distinctly modern plot-line which can be described in Jungian terms as the persecution of the anima. Samuel Richardson’s epistolary novel Clarissa (1748) is arguably the inaugurating example of this genre which has arisen and persisted in the past 200 years, especially now in pornography, where it finds its extreme form in snuff films. The closest parallel to O’Brien’s experience of the world might be found in de Sade. Cathy is Justine, the innocent adrift in a world which only exists to persecute her, rape her, torture her, exploit her in a hundred cruel and ingenious ways; a world in which there is no one to turn to, in which the authorities themselves are the perpetrators, in a human world dominated by a sick ‘respectability’ which preys on the society which feeds it. Justine’s abusers, in Justine, Or the Misfortunes of Virtue are noblemen, priests, politicians, artists. In Cathy’s world the perpetrators are no different – senators, presidents, priests, popular entertainers and celebrities. In Cathy’s world, likewise, victims are taught that there is nowhere to run, no one to turn to. Cathy in her thirty years of torture, rape and horror lost any hope of finding a single good person in this world. The fact that one arises, in the nick of time, is a miracle, an extraordinary anomaly from the way of her world, in defiance of the CIA and the sick hegemony of psychopaths which infests our politics and culture.

Justine is not so lucky. When her path finally crosses that of her long-lost sister Juliette, we are set not for a happy ending or rescue but for final and fatal acts of brutality. De Sade has been praised on the left for allowing sexual pleasure to women; however the only woman who experiences such pleasure is an abuser on a par with or beyond any of the male characters. De Sade is sexually ‘progressive’ only in the sense that he acknowledges the existence of female abusers. O’Brien’s text corroborates that, in the person of a prominent female political figure, groomed for the presidency since the 1980s, who subjected O’Brien as a teenage sex-slave to what she describes as ‘her gross perversions’.

De Sade’s plodding, relentless style, in conflict with his lurid subject matter, even finds an echo in the prose of Trance-formation, since the deprogramming process requires emotional detachment from the victim’s reconstructed memories. O’Brien’s narrative is matter-of-fact, unpretentious, eschewing rhetoric or literary finesse; the shocks are registered all the more powerfully in the reader’s mind. Both texts give us a disgusting inside-out vision of a society eaten out from within by psychopathic parasites and in which morality itself is a deception believed only by natural victims.

And yet the nonfiction text is possessed of extraordinary archetypal resonance and structural beauty. As a rags-to-riches tale it gives us the ‘happy’ ending first, in Mark Phillips account of his own life and his motives in rescuing Cathy from her life-long exploitation. It takes us with beautiful logic to the point of introducing the love of his life, who will now take us back to her own horrific beginnings.

Born into a multi-generationally incestuous family in Muskegon, Michigan, Cathy was abused from early childhood by her father, a worm-digger with a sixth-grade education, as well as uncles and other family members, prostituted to tourists and drug dealers, and used in pornography. When Cathy was seven her father was busted sending pornography through the mail. However, the state did not come to her rescue. Instead, the father was offered a deal: either face jail or sign his daughter over into the CIA’s mind control project MK-ULTRA – sub-project MONARCH.

Children below the age of five who suffer severe sexual abuse very often develop what used to be known as Multiple Personality Disorder, more recently and accurately renamed Dissociative Identity Disorder: a fragmentation of the personality through compartmentalization of memory. This splintering of the young mind in response to abuse too horrible to comprehend is a defense mechanism. “We do not suffer from MPD,” states one such victim cited in an academic paper. “We survive because of MPD.”[1] The CIA, like the SS on which it was modeled, was interested in the potential this psychological syndrome offered for mind-control, i.e., the obliteration of the will and the conscious mind, and an induced robotic compliance and amnesia achieved through trauma, hypnosis, electro-shock and drugs. The possibilities are endless: sex slaves for use in political corruption and control; programmable assassins, torture-proof couriers. Imagine the applications! The potential for undetectable infiltration into society by these androids, like something out of a Phillip K Dick novel…

Therefore in the late 50s and 60s the agency began to acquire thousands of abused and expendable children, most of whom would not survive the process, and even the most useful and successful of whom would be killed off at the age of 30, when typically the programming would begin to become unstable. Cathy, abused from infancy and already dissociative and highly susceptible to hypnosis, was perfect for the project – a ‘Chosen One’ – and her journey, like a twisted Rags to Riches tale, takes her to governors’ palaces, Nashville, and the White House.

Live in Cathy’s world for as long as it takes to read her text, and it will never leave you. The text will induce a double-image – you will see through your familiar world, and into the depths it masks. The circles of her hell, like Dante’s, are peopled by great names and familiar faces – these are not the punished, however, but the leering demons. Many of these names are closely connected to the wars, coups and atrocities of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and beyond: names like Ford, Bush, Cheney, Reagan, Byrd, Clinton, Trudeau, de la Madrid, and King Fahd of the House of Saud. It is the “realm…of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen.” (Archibald T. MacAllister, Introduction, The Divine Comedy, trans. John Ciardi)

As the reality sinks in, the reader will begin to understand where this unchallenged psychopathy is leading. The point, for the elite criminal monsters involved, is not just the depravity, the child-rape and the snuff movies, and it’s not just the military-intelligence applications either; mind control is a tool for social engineering on a society-wide scale as controlled individuals are placed in positions of influence in all sectors, including entertainment and media, the professions, and of course politics, even, in one instance, the installation of a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ as president in the form of G W Bush. Mind-control, in the minds of these neofeudalists, is the key tool in the subversion of human society and the creation of a totalitarian planetary regime.

Trauma-based mind control techniques, according to the authors, originated in research into the children of multigenerational Satanist families conducted in Nazi Germany by the Schutzstaffel (SS), under the personal oversight of Heinrich Himmler. The research was resumed in the United States no later than 1951 under Project BLUEBIRD, which morphed into ARTICHOKE and MKNAOMI. The aim of these projects was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that asked, “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?” In 1953 Allen Dulles took over as director of the organization he had designed with the help of the top Nazi intelligence chief, General Reinhard Gehlen, and brought the various mind control projects under the umbrella of Project MK-ULTRA, headed by Dr Sydney Gottlieb.

Cathy’s abusers in the sixties and seventies, however, are not National Socialists but Catholic priests, Jesuits, Rosicrucians and Vatican Knights. They span the full range of respectability, as in de Sade’s parade of judges, politicians, nobility, priests and monks. Since Cathy’s enslavement took place under the auspices of the US Government and military-intelligence complex, there’s a growing preponderance of politicians, up to and including Senators, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, future presidents, and foreign Heads of State, as well as military-Satanic elements, specifically in the form of the notorious Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Aquino, the psychological warfare specialist, Satanist, founder of the Temple of Set and Chaplain to the US Armed Forces. To these you can add a number of well-known entertainers.

It goes right – as Jack Ruby said – to the top.

But it starts when Cathy was born to bottom-dwelling monsters. Earl’s father died when Earl was two, and his mother took to prostitution. His brothers and sisters were all ritually abused and grew up to be drug addicts, prostitutes, derelicts and pedophiles – and joined in the sexual abuse of Cathy and her siblings. Her mother was of a higher social class but also abused, by her mother and uncles and aunts, who had been abused by their father in turn.

Cathy’s psychological response to the succession of traumas being visited on her young life was, of course, to repress the memories.

I couldn’t think to bring to mind the fact that my father was sexually abusing me when I was any place else, playing with friends or when I eventually went to school or anything like that – I couldn’t think to bring to mind the sexual abuse.

The traumatized child remains consciously unaware of the memories of the parent’s abuse, until these are accessed by a repetition of the abuse, or by hypnotic triggers. This is referred to as a memory ‘compartment’ – an amnesic cyst sealing off the trauma and allowing the rest of the mind to function normally.

In contemporary psychology, the term ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ has been replaced by ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’, which is understood as having its source in this compartmentalization of memory, and the resulting dissociation of different strands of experience or ‘personalities’. The essential feature of DID is ‘a disturbance in the normally integrative functions of identity, memory and consciousness.’2

Most ‘normal’ people have one identity composed of many strands working harmoniously together: a single ‘I-function’, consisting of ‘a conglomeration of thoughts and feelings formed from connections between many different brain areas.’ Sufferers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, however, have ‘a decentralized, internal network of two or more I-functions or “alters,” each with its own psychology, behavior, and cognitions.’3 Dissociation allows victims to maintain a viable level of functioning, because traumatic memories are disconnected from other information in their minds.

The condition is caused by extreme stress, usually from severe physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse at a developmentally sensitive stage in childhood. The sexually abused child separates off its ‘thoughts, feelings, memories, and perceptions of traumatic experiences’. The response is more deeply ingrained with repeated abuse, becoming highly conditioned and hypersensitive, and recurring in the presence of even the smallest trigger.

DID is a survival mechanism. The irony, of course, is that it protects not just the abused, but the abuser.

These are low-grade monsters, and they over-reach. Caught in the act by an unfortunate hunter while on a family camping trip, they murder the man and dispose of the body. Uncle Ted later suffers from remorse about the murder, and tries to kill himself by driving into a river near the scene of the crime. He ends up a street derelict. Uncle Bomber dies from alcoholism a few years later.

The worm-digger Earl O’Brien, however, prospers. By the time Cathy is six, his pornographic exploitation of his children has allowed him to move his family into a bigger house, nestled in the sand dunes, where he prostitutes his children to the tourists and drug dealers who ‘litter the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan.’ Caught sending child pornography through the mail, and facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison, the monster sells his daughter to a bigger monster, and prospers under its protection, eventually becoming a millionaire and a pillar of his local community. Cathy is brought under the Rose, where she is used and abused by depraved establishment pedophiles and totalitarian Sadists. Under the Rose, she rises to be raped and abused by people of quality. Project MONARCH, in Ronald Reagan’s sickly kitsch formulation, was “an opportunity for those who otherwise would have nothing in life”.

She bears The Project a child, Kelly, to be tortured and raped alongside her and used to further manipulate her mind and instincts. It is only by an extraordinarily slim chance that she comes within the orbit of an intelligence-connected businessman, Mark Phillips, who has had some experience of the early days of mind-control/ behavioral modification research. He recognizes what she is, and what the research has led to, and his fury short-circuits his survival instincts. He kidnaps her and her daughter and takes them to Alaska, losing everything he owns in the process, and there he falteringly begins the years-long process of deprogramming the victims. The text which results – this lethal text – is The Trance-Formation of America.

The lethality of the text, and the suffocating completeness of the world it encompasses and creates – its storyworld, in narratological terms – is crowned by a peculiar weave of language and allusion. The exuberant wordplay of the pedophiles, the scrambling and inversion of meaning through programming themes drawn from traditional and popular culture, the interweaving of cultural references into an impenetrable hedge surrounding the Sleeping Beauty, seems prima facie far beyond anything that might have originated in the minds of O’Brien or Phillips. Compared with the authors’ characteristic vocabulary and expression, these features seem incontrovertibly exogenic; their origin, in other words, is in reality, not imagination.

Along with the trauma and torture, these linguistic sophistries made up the spell under which Cathy lived and was used. If you ask her, ‘How do you do?’ she will reply: ‘As I am told, thank you.’ This is her world, and the world is too much with her, to the exclusion of mind, free will, conscious thought, integrated identity or a sense of time. Under constant control and mental scrambling, she is programmed through trauma, torture, electric shock, hypnosis, drugs – and through language and culture. The constant Satanic inversions and mirroring evokes the terrifying psychopathic silliness of de Sade. ‘Some day my prints will come’, sings the pornographer. She is Pinocchio, a puppet still in the carving stage. She is Ye Xian. After her sale to the CIA, Earl disappears to Boston for two weeks’ training, and when he reappears, he is smiling and pleased with himself. He has learned a new language, which he called ‘reverse psychology,’ full of puns and mirroring. “You earn your keep,” he says, “and I’ll keep what you earn.” And that isn’t the only difference from before the bust. Overnight, Cathy finds herself being not just sexually abused, but worked ‘… like the legendary Cinderella. I shoveled fireplace ashes, hauled stacked firewood, raked leaves, shoveled snow, chopped ice, and swept — “because,” my father said, “your little hands fit so nicely around the rake, mop, shovel, and broom handles.”‘

It was immediately after her father’s return from Boston that Cathy, she alleges, was first prostituted to Michigan State Senator Guy VanderJagt, who later became a U.S. Congressman and eventually chairman of the Republican National Congressional Committee that put George H W Bush in the office of President. Meanwhile Earl and Uncle Bob began ‘programming’ her according to Project MONARCH methodology. They decorated her bedroom in red, white, and blue paneling and American flags. Fairy tale themes were used to confuse fantasy with reality, as well as Disney stories and especially The Wizard of Oz, which provided the base for future programming.

She doesn’t know who she is. Wonderland themes keep her confused – the White Rabbit chivvies and harries her to appointments with the Wizard and the Lizard of Oz. Her captors do the Scarecrow walk, and link arms with her to march her down the Yellow Brick Road. It’s all lost time and Never-Never-Land, ruby shoes and glass slippers, Charm School and My Fair Lady. At Tinker Air Force Base she is the Tinker-Belle, undergoing high-tech tortures to install new programs. The themes are drawn from the culture, from fairytales to Hitchcock movies, from Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie to Freedom Train, Hotel California and ‘I’ll Be Watching You’.

Cathy’s identity-splits by this time included personalities for pornography, bestiality, prostitution and incest, as well as a personality for withstanding the horrendous psychological abuse of her mother.

The rest of “me” functioned somewhat “normally” at school. My “normal” personality provided a cover for the abuse I was enduring, but best of all it had hope – hope that there was somewhere in the world where people did not hurt each other. This same personality also attended Catechism, a weekly class at our Catholic church, St. Francis de Sales in Muskegon, Michigan.

The hope that still lived in her “front” personality focused itself on religion, and Cathy decided she wanted to become a Nun.

I could not rely upon my family, the police, or politicians to protect me. The church appeared to be my answer, and I listened diligently in class and prayed religiously. I learned all about the political structure of the church, and was prepared for my first Confession.

But poor Cathy would not find safety in the Church, any more than she found it in the family or in the government. On 7th May 1966, ‘dressed in white from my Catholic veil to my white patent leather shoes as was mandatory for making my first holy communion’, Cathy O’Brien was confirmed in the Catholic Church. Before the ceremony, she was presented with a rosy cross necklace by VanderJagt and a blue Virgin Mary charm by Father Don, the senator’s pedophile colleague in project MONARCH. She writes, ‘As VanderJagt fastened the rosy cross and blue virgin around my neck, he told me I was now dressed appropriately for the ceremony in red, white, and blue. I could feel his breath on my neck as he fastened the necklace and instructed, “When Father says ‘Body of Christ’ and you say ‘Ahhh men’… you acknowledge that Christ is God made man, and that you know what men are for. When Father gives you the host, it will stick to the roof of your mouth unless you suck it off his thumb.”’

That evening, after a reception held at her parents’ home, VanderJagt drove Cathy back to church, she alleges, for a “special evening service with Father Don”.

VanderJagt unlocked the rectory door of the old church across the street from the new St. Francis structure, explaining that we had to “have a very important talk now that I had eaten the body of Christ.” The talk, blood trauma, and sexual abuse that ensued conditioned my mind to readily accept programming throughout the years that deliberately merged both U.S. Government and Jesuit mind-control efforts for New World Order controls.

“I work for the Vatican, and now, so do you,” VanderJagt told me. “You have just entered into a covenant with the Holy Catholic Church. You must never break that covenant […] You must carry the secret to your grave. Keep it secret from your mom, dad, everybody.”

VanderJagt proceeded to fill my suggestible young mind with biblical interpretation that laid the groundwork for future “inter/inner dimensional” programming themes utilized by Project Monarch programmers to control the compartmentalization of memory synonymous with MPD/DID.

Then they bathed her in the blood of a slaughtered lamb – ‘blood-trauma’ is a repeated feature of important stages of her programming – and this was the ‘Rite to Remain Silent’, which was ‘anchored in the Vow of Silence which the Jesuit monks take not only to keep secrets, but so they can still their mind and hear their inner guidance. […] After the Rite to Remain Silent was installed, the voices of my multiple personalities that I had previously heard in my head ceased. In the silence of deliberately created memory compartments, I could only hear the voices of my abusers who created them… commanding my silence.’

And then, confident in the rite they had just performed, writes Cathy, ‘Father Don and Guy VanderJagt subjected me to their pedophile perversions. The two joked that I had become “a good Cathy-lick”.’

After undergoing the Rite to Remain Silent, Cathy says she was prostituted over the next four years to Gerald Ford, Guy VanderJagt, and Senator Robert C Byrd, usually on Mackinac Island, a political playground in Michigan, where her family always vacationed. Cathy says she perceived Mackinac as a ‘different dimension’. After being abused by these men she would often be driven to Niagara Falls by her father, to ‘wash [her] mind.’ On Mackinac, too, she met Pierre Trudeau, who had been in power for a year and whom she had heard mentioned in her family of monsters as ‘one of ours.’ Father Don spoke of Trudeau’s ‘loyalty to the Vatican.’ Cathy’s description and characterization of Trudeau, as of many of the powerful political figures to whom she was prostituted, is nuanced and detailed. She reproduces dialogue, details of clothing and physique, describes hands and genitals. Trudeau, according to Cathy, was not just a pedophile but a skilled programmer himself, who laid down programming themes. Cathy made numerous bestiality films for Trudeau’s consumption, continuing until she had outgrown his prepubescent preferences.

At the age of thirteen, too old for VanderJagt as well, Cathy was passed on to Senator Robert C Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia, at a political retreat on Mackinac Island. Byrd was an extremely powerful man. He was a Senate Whip, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and Leader of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which holds the purse-strings of government. He was also, by her own admission, the mentor and political hero of one Hillary Clinton; and a Grand-Cyclops in the Klu Klan Klan. Cathy O’Brien was owned by Byrd from now on, while her father remained her handler, instructed in how to raise her. While Cathy’s mother was having more babies for the Project, Earl posed as a model citizen, coaching Little League sports, chaperoning school and church and Boy Scout activities, and judging sand-castle competitions and kiddie parades with Guy VanderJagt.

Cathy’s life was extremely regimented now. She was kept exhausted, to increase her susceptibility to hypnosis. The pornography she was being used in switched to more violent themes. Cathy’s parents worked together to break down her sense of self. Her father strictly controlled her access to TV, books and music, using them to confuse her sense of reality.

This was not only to infringe on my last minuscule freedom of choice, but for total mind-control conditioning purposes. For example, the annual televising of Judy Garland’s Wizard Of Oz was celebrated as a grand holiday around my house.

This was to prepare my mind for future base programming on the theme that I, like Dorothy, could “spin” into another dimension “Over the Rainbow”. After all, “Birds (Byrds) fly over the Rainbow…” was a theme that became a part of my life.

My father insisted I watch the Walt Disney movie Cinderella with him, paralleling my existence to Cinderella’s—”magically trance-forming from a dirty little slave to a beautiful Princess”. […]

My brother, Bill, who was often featured in kiddie porn with me, was not a “chosen one” for Project Monarch (beyond supplying more children to be dedicated in later years). Yet my father figured that “what was good for me would be good for my brother”. He took us to see Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, explaining that my brother and I were his puppets still in the carving stage. The distortions of reality that these and other Disney theme movies provided when coupled with my father’s government-trained conscious and subconscious controlling influence, began to further erode our ability to discern fantasy from reality.

My brother, now 37, remains psychologically locked into those traumatic childhood years and is obsessed with Disney themes and productions to this day. His house is decorated in Disney memorabilia, he wears Disney clothes, listens to my father’s instructions on his Disney telephone, and maintains “When You Wish Upon a Star” as his favorite song, which has locked his children into the same theme.

My father also instructed me to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s horrifying movie The Birds with him. This reinforced in my mind the movie’s theme that there is “no place to hide from the birds/Byrd”.

Senator Robert C Byrd had, she says, a tiny, undeveloped penis – which is why her vaginal muscle was cut to enable her to extrude it outside the vagina. At the same time, her vaginal wall was carved to create scar tissue resembling the face of Baphomet. These details have been confirmed by a medical practitioner, on publicly available video. Cathy describes Byrd as an extreme sadist who inflicted ‘near-death’ tortures, from which she bears ‘hundreds of scars’. Since Cathy was a part of a deeply secret military-intelligence project, none of the perpetrators risked exposure. She is right to invoke de Sade, because his ghost hovers over all of this, sick with envy. This is the Marquis reborn, with all the immunity he never attained. This is his citadel. This is Thélème, with walls thicker than the Bastille.

In 1973, when Cathy was sixteen, Byrd instructed her father to send her to Muskegon Catholic Central High School. The school had a direct involvement with Project Monarch, and so school was one more haven of safety denied to Cathy. The only other students she could relate to were other Project Monarch kids. Programming took place in school, reflecting the same mix of Catholicism and Satanism as in the Rite to Remain Silent. However, Cathy detects a weakness in her conditioning here: since Catholicism held no spiritual magic for her, the reversal wasn’t working. Indeed, she says that the Catholic school ‘was inadvertently driving a wedge of anti-superstition’ into her. Her book is revealing about the uses of Satanic ritual in contexts such as Bohemian Grove and the Skull and Bones Society. In her experience, it would be wrong to see these people as believers. Occult ritual is used to manipulate the minds of victims, no more. Satanic reversals are effective where religion is the ‘base-programming’ of the subject. It is used to enhance the traumatic effect of violence, to assault the mind as well as the body. She attests to its effectiveness.

Regardless of my religious beliefs or disbeliefs, I experienced the “results” just the same. Being subjected to and witnessing trauma so horrible, while my body was raped, tortured, and ravaged by men, literally drove me out of my mind.

Which was exactly where they wanted her, so that they could use her, as they did, as sex-slave, drug mule, international courier, blackmail agent and more. Onto this base, further programs are layered in high-tech near-death trauma-labs at Swiss Villa, Mount Shasta, NASA’s Goddard Space Center, Tinker Air Force Base, the Presidio in San Francisco, and elsewhere.

Cathy’s story, the most perverse Rags to Riches story ever written, takes her ultimately to the White House itself, which as a ‘Presidential Model’ she was to visit many, many times, entering through a door signed ‘Service Entrance’, which her handlers told her said SERVE US IN TRANCE. Which is what she does – and as we read we understand, it’s what we do too.

It’s a grueling read, which will leave your sense of reality shaken. Read it – see who else she goes on to accuse. If nothing else, let your curiosity bring you to this lethal text. These are household names, names you see in headlines every day. Begin to form an image in your mind of the corruption which lies not at the surface but deep in the roots of our system. It’s hard to talk about Cathy and her thousands of fellow victims, these little golems tortured and wracked and traumatized beyond sanity, beyond identity; almost as if we too have undergone some form of Rite to Remain Silent.

‘Power corrupts,’ in the formulation of Lord Acton, ‘and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. The statement is true, but not true enough. Power doesn’t corrupt by virtue of some invisible force emanating from the abstraction. Rather, corruption seeks power, and the powerful corrupt others deliberately and systematically. It is a system: Trance-Formation shows us that in effect it is the political system.

The connection between psychopathic Sadism and totalitarian politics has been made before, not least by de Sade himself –

Once upon the throne of kings, there shall never have been a tyranny to equal ours, no despot shall ever have put a thicker blindfold over the eyes of the people; plunged into essential ignorance, it shall be at our mercy, blood will flow in rivers, our Masonic brethren themselves shall become the mere valets of our cruelties, and in us alone shall the supreme power be concentrated; all freedom shall go by the board, that of the press, that of worship, that simply of thought shall be severely forbidden and ruthlessly repressed; one must beware of enlightening the people or of lifting away its irons when your aim is to rule it. (Juliette, de Sade)

Aldous Huxley, an individual closely connected with the MK-ULTRA project and quite possibly one of its main architects, reasserts the connection in a letter to his contemporary George Orwell.

The first hints of a philosophy of the ultimate revolution — the revolution which lies beyond politics and economics, and which aims at total subversion of the individual’s psychology and physiology — are to be found in the Marquis de Sade, who regarded himself as the continuator, the consummator, of Robespierre and Babeuf.’ (Aldous Huxley, letter to George Orwell, 21 October 1949)

Cathy’s autobiography, then, is not merely a record of the sufferings of one victim, but a signpost on the road to a totalitarian-Sadist World Order utterly hostile to humanity. We compartmentalize this knowledge, as a victim does the memories of abuse, to protect our sanity.

“We will know when our disinformation campaign is complete,” said Reagan’s CIA Director, William Casey, “when everything the American public believes is false.”

Naturally, Casey pops up in O’Brien’s narrative. Like many of the other perpetrators, he speaks freely in front of mind-controlled slaves like Cathy, assuming she will not survive or ever be sane enough to tell her story.

“I have World Vision,” he says, “one of peace. By removing the more violent factions of societies world-wide and replacing them with faithful leaders of one world government and the one world church, global unification is imminent. It is a beautiful vision, and it came to me in dreams. God has moved me to move men. I’ve moved them here and I’ve moved them there – now it is time to remove them. My World Vision encompasses the world and puts to rest all tensions, strife, over-population and starvation. My vision is a World Vision, and the churches see it my way, as evidenced by their support of the cause. After all,” he proclaimed, “even the Pope and the Mormon Prophet know that this is the only way to peace, and they cooperate fully with The Project.”

Yes, just like Justine’s tormentors, Cathy’s owners punctuate their bouts of rape and torture with lectures on moral philosophy. They love the sound of their own voices, projected onto Silence. The Byrd, at a different point in the narrative, chimes in along the same lines.

“You lost your mind anyway, and at least you have destiny and purpose now that it’s mine.”

His country’s involvement in drug distribution, pornography and sex slavery was justified as a means of “gaining control of all illegal activity world-wide” to fund Black Budget covert activity that would “bring about world peace through dominance and control.” He adhered to the belief that “95{7afbbc0afb0c7a66aa968a61965a5f55aa54e1a53c5ce8d1dec42cbaeedea50c} of the world’s people want to be led by the 5{7afbbc0afb0c7a66aa968a61965a5f55aa54e1a53c5ce8d1dec42cbaeedea50c},” and claimed that this can be proven because they “do not want to know about what really goes on in government.”

Byrd believed that in order for this world to survive, mankind must take a “giant step in evolution through creating a superior race.” To create this race, Byrd believed in the Nazi and KKK principles of “annihilation of the underprivileged races and cultures” through genocide, to alter genetics and breed “the more gifted – the blondes of this world.”

So, properly understood, these men are not monsters, but child-rapists for world peace, whose actions are justified under Benthamite utilitarian ethics. All these peddled, programmed children are working for God, the Vatican, and the future of this planet. Their sacrifice, as under the Incas, ensures the stability of society. As their minds disintegrate, as they die screaming in snuff films for their elders and betters to masturbate over, they cannot be expected to understand this. But in all the pain and filth and perversion of everything human, their suffering is for the Greater Good.

Cathy is denied the privilege of giving her life for the cause. She is slated to be burned to death in a snuff film, but before this can happen she is snatched by Mark Phillips. It is not the Cathy we see now that Phillips rescued – when he first met her she was just a dirty little slave, dumb as a rock and dressed like a prostitute; mind-shattered, Jesuit-spooked, amnesiac-scrambled, all lost time and twisted aura, she didn’t know who or what or even how old she was. The woman who emerged during deprogramming, the phoenix which constituted itself from these ashes, is a magnificent human being, intelligent, expressive, compassionate, and beautiful. For once, the Monarch theme, the butterfly archetype, was allowed to complete its cycle, through trance-formation to transformation, into what she really is, what she should have been and would have been if not born to and traded among monsters. Neither the Rite nor the Rose could impose Silence forever, and she has been speaking out now for more than twenty-five years. It’s time we started speaking out too. We do not have the right to remain silent.


  1. Nobody talks about this. Nobody but you and I, that is.

    It’s just way too chilling isn’t it? This kind of thing induces outright catatonia in a person. Almost makes one ashamed to be human to know we are even capable of such acts, let alone have them going on daily as a matter of course.

    One thing though, Paul, strikes me as suspicious about Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips– My personal experience with trauma and healing in my family would indicate that the kind of abuse Cathy experienced should have either killed her, left her “suicided” or rotting in a mental ward. It’s just too much. This kind of thing permanently destroys a person. At best, survivors live out their lives emotionally crippled, as human wreckage. I know people who’ve gone through much less and are in far worse shape. If MP is a former gov’t employee then this also smells of rat turds.

    But hey, maybe she is some kind of miraculous being, one in a billion, and she and Mark have accomplished something that countless dedicated, highly intelligent, caring, intuitive people have not been able to do in over 100 years of research & study looking into methods of mitigating the profoundly devastating effects of trauma and abuse.

    (Healing? Wholeness? I’ve never seen it. No psych professional I’ve ever met has either. By all indications these things flat-out never happen.)

    The question then is, if the Cathy/Mark story has been staged, then for what purpose? To make those of us wild enough to dig into these things stop & crap our pants in fear? Or perhaps to put the ridiculous idea in our head that human children can be tortured and abused well into adulthood and not experience devastating, lasting effects at all as long as they find the “right kind of person” to de-program them?

  2. I find both O’Brien and Phillips entirely credible, and the idea that they are actors not credible at all. Try watching them speak — there are (or were) a number of videos available online. By the sound of it, you have a lot more personal experience of this than I do, and your argument or suggestion is based on never having seen someone recover from serious trauma and abuse, so you therefore conclude it’s simply not possible. Your reasoning — if she experienced what she says she did, she would not be recoverable as a stable personality, (if p, then q) and since she clearly did recover a stable identity (not q) she must not have experienced what she says she did (therefore not p) — is valid, but only if the proposition is sound. But the proposition relies on inductive reasoning, and is therefore always vulnerable to reversal. If every swan you’ve ever seen is white, you conclude that all swans are white — until you go to New Zealand and see a black one. According to his account, Phillips was able, with the help of his contacts, to find the right doctor to advise him on deprogramming, which had to be done very carefully and unemotionally or the subject could be permanently destroyed by the recovered memories. The power of love (sorry for the cliche) is perhaps something on which we cannot put a limiting value. Cathy may be a miracle, a rare exception, a black swan — but I firmly believe she’s describing a world which does exist and which she was part of. The Monarch programme is pretty well attested by this point. (Well done for getting through this over-long essay, by the way — I keep meaning to go back and slim it down somewhat.)

    1. Seems to me you are a singularly reflective and courageously honest man, Paul. Every cliche hides an archetype, and in the essay I called Cathy’s story an inverted Rags to Riches story, but more centrally it’s a powerful Rebirth tale (Sleeping Beauty, Death & the Maiden, etc etc). I think that’s what I respond to so strongly. I suppose I identify with this story on the archetypal level. For me it rings true — and it is the lethal text which made my mind jump its tracks — but perhaps truth is a secondary consideration here and the most important thing is the deeper truth of the possibility of redemption. This was an early essay of mine, and I do want to rework it a little to make sure it lives and breathes in that liminal space.

  3. Love .
    There was a rock , a man , and a tree . All in black and white .
    The man was alone , all alone , the tree was alone , the rock alone .
    On the tree was a growth , a sicknIess .
    The man held up his arms towards the tree and said ,
    I love you , tree .
    With the instancy and force of lightning , the tree , the rock and the man were connected , they were one , and I was in my bed , vibrating to come apart , buzzing like I was in an electrical current .
    The first profound dream I remember .
    I was young , in trouble , desperate , with no help from any side , and that dream cured me .

    A bit later in life , in an attic room , the tall tree out my window alive in the hot summer day , it happened again , all of a sudden being connected to the tree . One , not something I can describe . The same buzz .
    The first friend I can remember , was a little girl I played with . They were orthodox Jews that lived upstairs ; my parents did things for them on the Sabbath . One day she hit me in the center of my forehead with a toy shovel , the scar ensures I do not forget her .
    Her mother was featured in a book , the Secret Life Of Plants .
    Somehow we are all connected in a sea of current , and that current favours life .

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