When I read the UK Coronavirus Act last year I was picking up a very unpleasant smell; as if a rat had died under the floorboards, or it was 1933 and I was reading through Hitler’s Reichstag Decree.

It wasn’t just that elections were suspended — the fundamental principles of democratic law were under all-out assault. Habeas corpus, freedom of movement, assembly, association, speech — every right had been turned into a privilege, to be withdrawn at will. The stripping away of cause-of-death protections, put in place after a serial-killer doctor euthanised a couple of hundred old people several decades ago, is revealed in retrospect as legal ground-clearing for the mass eldercide that took place in aged-care homes in the UK in the second quarter of 2020, which by itself accounts almost entirely for the ‘first wave’ of the pseudo-pandemic. National Health Service staff were indemnified against all claims of negligence during the pandemic, and no longer had to adhere to their own ethical guidelines. 

One of the most sinister aspects of the Act, because of its sheer incongruity, is Schedule 8, which amends the Mental Health Act of 1983 to remove all safeguards relating to the incarceration of individuals on mental health grounds — which can now be done on the say-so of a single psychiatrist who does not even need to know the individual in question, never mind have treated him or her. A signature is all thats required. In an article I wrote at the time I asked: “What on earth have mental health protections to do with an influenza outbreak?” Perhaps a better question, and much easier to answer, would be “What on earth have mental health provisions to do with a totalitarian take-over?” We have seen — in China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, Uzbekistan — how totalitarian systems define opposition as sickness and use psychiatry to create a second gulag for political prisoners. In the so-called democratic West we have seen specifically how the pharmaceutical companies, via their captive agencies and governments, use mental health provisions to victimise and silence their critics. Look what they did to Jane Bürgermeister, the editor of a medical journal in Vienna, when she exposed a Bayer subsidiary’s deliberate attempt to ignite an avian-flu epidemic in Europe in 2009. Unless the public can grasp the utter ethical vacuum which appears to exist within these companies — a number of which, coincidentally, are descended directly from the break-up of the Nazi I G Farben conglomerate — they have little chance of understanding the risks they are taking in trusting them. 

Whether anybody has yet been swept off into the psychiatric gulag under Schedule 8, I don’t know, but there are ominous signs. Take the case of Dr Sam White, an ordinary family doctor working in a pleasant semi-rural practice in Hampshire, England. Ordinariness does not preclude intellectual honesty and moral courage, and White is clearly one of those rare doctors who exemplifies professional values by keeping up with scientific developments and following his conscience. As the enforced pandemic protocols took hold, he objected to the NHS’s murderous suppression of effective, life-saving treatments, and when the vaccine ‘roll-out’ began he declined to participate on the ethical and legal grounds that clients were being denied the right of informed consent. 

Once it became clear that the NHS was preparing to mass-vaccinate children, he decided that his position in the practice was untenable. He resigned his ‘job for life’ and made a short video explaining his reasons. ‘I had to go because of all the lies. They’re so vast it’s been impossible to stomach,’ he said in an interview with Conservative Woman. When the video went viral, receiving over a million views, the General Medical Council came after him. His views on the handling of the pandemic were already on record in written materials he had submitted for his five-year re-licensing procedure earlier in 2021, and they had not been identified as problematic. Now it was the same woman who had signed off on his re-licensing who informed him that he was suspended pending the outcome of a tribunal. 

He then received a phone call from a senior clinical adviser to NHS England, in the course of which she expressed concerns that he might be ‘unwell’. Physically, Dr White was in the best shape of his life, so this could only mean one thing. His suspicions were confirmed in late August when the tribunal found him guilty of making evidenced-based claims backed up by multiple expert witnesses —  ‘quoting misinformation’, in Newspeak — but also threw two spurious and frankly sinister accusations at him. One, that he had used his work computer to access the Dark Web; and two, that he had exhibited ‘paranoid and disinhibited behaviour.’ And there it is: opposition defined as illness, awareness as paranoia, principle as mental illness. 

He had his lawyer contact his former practice to request a forensic examination of his computer (with no response). As for the mental health slur, he had certainly suffered anxiety and sleepless nights over what the practice was involved in, and especially the vaccination of children ‘who are more likely to be struck by lightning than die of covid.’ No doubt the situation at the practice had put him under stress; being pressured to take part in genocide can be stressful. But, as so often in such persecutions, White’s problem is not that he’s crazy but that he was the only one with the balls to not go along with the institutionalised insanity around him.  For ‘paranoid and disinhibited’ we could simply substitute ‘logical and principled’ without changing the terms of the problem or the outcome of the equation; which is that White is now banned from commenting on any aspect of the pseudo-pandemic pending a full GMC trial, which will not take place for another 18 months. Meanwhile, White’s professional insurer has refused to cover his legal costs, and his bank account has been hacked and a five-figure sum stolen. 

That’s the kind of thuggery he’s up against — that we’re all up against. Totalitarianism, whatever else it is, is the empowerment of goons, thugs, snitches, arse-lickers, rule-followers and mediocrities to torment anyone displaying signs of intellect or courage. Careerists and apparatchiks shape-shift into political commissars without even blinking. Meanwhile the stench of totalitarianism grows stronger by the minute. 

Dr White openly defied the GMC’s gag order by giving a full-length interview to the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Investigative Committee. I imagine he’ll ultimately follow the footsteps of Andy Wakefield, who declined to reapply for his medical license even after all the allegations against him were overturned on appeal. Why would anyone place himself back under the authority of corrupt mediocrities intent on restricting the free exercise of professional judgment and responsibility? Not his circus, not his monkeys. Despite everything, White reports feeling liberated by what has happened and ready to launch into alternative medical practice with his conscience intact — yet more evidence of his ‘disinhibited’ behaviour, no doubt. I’m sure he’ll be taking advice as to how best to defend himself against the insidious powers of psychiatric abuse facilitated by the Act. I hope that the public profile he has gained will protect him to some degree. Ultimately the only thing that will help any of us in this dark and anxious time is a readiness to face the consequences of unflinching, uncompromising non-compliance. So, big-up Dr Sam White, as they say; kudos, brother. Respect. For paranoia and disinhibition read intellect and courage. The consequences may be hard, but the decision actually isn’t. In the end there really is no choice but defiance. 

Dr Sam White

UPDATE 10/1/22

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