It is from the death of the social that socialism will emerge.”

Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation (1981)

“For 400 years,” says Catherine Austin Fitts, “we’ve had a model of the human, a model of the economy, a model of the planet that is a machine model, and it’s fostered great productivity in some ways, but the model fails because it doesn’t reflect how life really works. And to me what we’re watching is the ultimate gasp of a failing model: it’s produced a culture of people who are hyper-materialistic, and they literally don’t understand life and they don’t understand reality.”

“The ultimate gasp of a failing model…” She’s trying to strike a note of optimism, looking for the monster’s weak point. Not the little monster — the miserable, petty police state riding on the back of this endless pseudo-pandemic — but the big one behind it, Grendel’s Mother, the technocratic, totalitarian, transhumanist World Order that is slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.

Fitts has no doubt that what we are looking at, in the bizarre, nightmarish official reality that has hijacked our lives, is a sociopathic consolidation of wealth and power tantamount to Aldous Huxley’s ‘final revolution’, with the same Sadistic origins: she fears that under cover of the pseudo-pandemic we are being swept up in a ‘high-speed re-engineering of the whole culture and civilisation’. As corruption becomes unlimited, its need for power becomes total — totalitarian. Hannah Arendt would have recognised it for what it is. “Totalitarianism”, she wrote, “is the application of terror to whole populations.” 

An animal, or a paradigm, is at its most dangerous when it faces its own extinction. Those who live atop the pyramidal human machines we call corporations are seeking refuge behind a totalitarian technocracy in a desperate attempt to avoid the unlimited financial, legal, ethical and spiritual liabilities their corruption has accrued. They have no choice, and the last gasp of the machine model is to try to transform human society into a single, unified megamachine. But that gasp might last for centuries, and be so toxic as to scour the surface of this planet of all recognisably human culture, all free thought, conscience, kinship and spirituality.

“If you’re going to maintain control of people on a machine model,” Fitts continues, “you need to stop them resonating with divine intelligence and resonating with living things and resonating with each other, and get every body hooked into the machine. And that’s what this is really about. Are we going to be governed by God, or are we going to be governed by central powers who are controlling us through the machine?” 

It doesn’t matter if what she means by ‘God’ is slightly different from what I mean or you mean by it; her emphasis on the word ‘resonance’ is well chosen; Fitts is well abreast of new theories of morphogenic fields, aetheric resonance, the extended mind — the compelling alternative model — the resonance model, you could call it — which has emerged over the course of the twentieth century as an underground to the travesties propagated by the establishment to keep the masses in a primitive unscientific state. She is ahead of me in this; I get it now, finally, and am immeasurably grateful for an insight arriving just in time for me to understand the philosophical and spiritual implications of the Satanists’ war on everything human.

It is from the death of the social that socialism will emerge, wrote Baudrillard, as it is from the death of God that religions emerge.

As is from the death of science that Scientism emerges. 

As it is from the death of mechanism that The Machine emerges. 

If the world and its conscious agents are not machines, say its masters, then we will make them so. 

“You are a brain in a vat,” says Elon, channelling 1950s sci-fi. “Your skull is the vat.”

He knows nothing, you see. In his atomised, Descartian world, in which there are only things, and everything is separate from everything else, the mind has no field, and extension is only possible through the Machine. He’s stuck in the past, imprisoned in a dying model which can only survive through its totalitarian imposition on the world.

You will resonate, not with the cosmos, not with nature, not with animals and plants and other people, but with the Machine. 

You will answer, not to this Creation, but to theirs. 

The third eye will close forever.

This is what they’re doing — 

It’s called Killing God. 

Things have gone much further than we know. In the past hundred years, technology has far outstripped public awareness. The secrecy of military-corporate research has roots far deeper than the Cold War, dating from the incorporation of General Electric and RCA. In those covert spaces, technological development has been pursued to lengths of which the general public has no conception. Like Thomas A Anderson, the computer programmer played by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, or Truman Burbank, Jim Carey’s insurance salesman in The Truman Show, we have been living in the past, with little sense of how late it is, how far things have progressed. The world as we imagine it no longer exists. Mystification coalesces into an idolatry of science, the folk-religion of ‘scientism’, while the reality of technological capability exceeds the imagination.

If Fitts’ talk of injectable technologies strikes readers as more science fiction than fact, it is because of this severe latency in public awareness. ModeRNA, the vaccine company partnered with Amazon Web Services, calls its messenger RNA injections ‘the software of life’; is this an inside joke? Google, partnered with Operation Warp Speed, gives its DeepMind AI programme administrator-level access of all servers, now including the pharmacovigilant surveillance cloud.

Neuralnanorobotics takes connectome-mapping to the next level and enables the human individual’s long-anticipated ascension to AI-symbiote. I say ‘ascension’, because that’s how it’s promoted by Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, Klaus Schwab and the rest of them — as enhancement, augmentation, the arrival of the Nietszchean Ubermensch. In fact the opposite is true — this is the ascension of the Machine to the level of the human. As connectome-mapping has proceeded, the capacity and speed of human thought, intelligence and intuition has continually outstripped estimation; the latest discovery is that it is the dendrites as much as glions and synapses that crackle with intelligence; the human mind is decentralised, distributed, impossible to quantify. It is computer technology that has struggled to get to the computational level of the human brain, and one thing that strikes me from the Frontiers in Neuroscience article surveying the state-of-the-art in brain/cloud interface is that this might be the reason, or one of them, for the development of artificial intelligence in the first place — because only AI-enabled supercomputers have any chance of holistic interaction with the human mind. Even then the machine will be missing (or suppressing) whole levels of mental potential. The human mind is an open system, that can transmit and receive from the furthest reaches of this reality: this reality, not virtual, programmed or simulated, not mechanical, automated or hyperreal, but real, as we, by divine right, are real. 

That’s why this revolution in the human condition can only be achieved by force, by the violence that is the exorcism of doubt: closing the human system. 

Everything within the State, decreed Mussolini. Nothing outside of the State.
Everything within the Machine, decrees Schwab. Nothing outside of the Machine. 

Everything within the State, decreed Mussolini. Nothing outside of the State.

Everything within the Machine, decrees Schwab. Nothing outside of the Machine. 

You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo. This is the world as it exists today. Welcome to the Desert of the Real.

“The ultimate gasp of a failing model.” Fitts’ words are intended to animate, not reassure. On the contrary, the situation she describes is deadly serious — worse than deadly,  since “there are worse things than death in this world.”

She means this high-tech, perfected form of slavery, imprisoning the mind and sequestering it in Plato’s Cave. For the fusion with the machine means not just surveillance, the recording of every heartbeat, every emotion, every thought, verbatim; an interface is bi-directional; the self-implanting, self-assembling nanotechnological arrays will include receivers as well as transmitters. Whatever can be read out of the human brain can be written in, enabling emotional manipulation, thought replacement, controlled hallucination — even a non-consensual total immersion in Virtual or Augmented Reality. The Matrix, as Keanu Reeves has said, is not fiction but a documentary.

“There’s no getting away from this,” says Fitts. “There is no ‘away’, any more. People think that if they just keep their heads down and do what they’re told, perhaps the system will leave them alone. And maybe that was true in the past, but it no longer applies. The middle of the road is disappearing. This time they’re coming for everyone.”

And she’s right. Have you noticed, in the pronouncements of the globalist billionaires who call themselves ‘philanthropists’, how it’s always about everyone now? Connecting every human being on the planet. Vaccinating every human being on the planet. When Schwab talks about ‘inclusivity’, this is what he means: he means everyone. He means the centralisation of humanity into a single, unified collective. “A re-imagining,” as Schwab euphemistically puts it, “of what it means to be human.” 

Transhumanism? Or subhumanism. These philanthropists, you see, they love ‘humanity’ but they hate humans. What they hate and fear is human beings as endlessly diverse, chaotic, creative, individual, unpredictable entities. Their answer to the chaos of the human condition is this hyper-centralisation of everything, the “fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.”

Your doppelgänger, remember, lives inside the Machine. Your ka, your Vardøger, your Etiäinen, now, is a ‘digital agent’ in the Sentient World Simulation. But a great reunion is at hand — the end of duality: two worlds merging, under one eye. This is the marriage, the digital wedding to which you are summoned, not invited, as the bride. Are you ready? Your limousine awaits, outside.

Unified with our digital twins, we will forsake all others, and never even think of breaking our vows. We will live distanced, everything mediated through the Machine. You won’t know what’s real any more, and it won’t matter; there will no longer be any distinction between the real and the simulated. The territory no longer precedes the map, nor survives it, as Baudrillard wrote, so we will live, finally, in the map — and there’ll be no getting off the grid, if that’s what you think; in future, you are the grid.

This is still in the future, though by how long I don’t know. It’s coming. But Starlink’s orbital shells will not be complete for years, and self-implanting brain-machine and brain-cloud interface must still overcome some technical challenges. But there is less and less time between breakthroughs on the exponential curve of technology. It may be that hydrogel is the breakthrough that injectable technologies were waiting for. Hydrogel is a synthetic biopolymer nanotechnology medium which prevents rejection by the body. It is compatible with human tissue and interfaces with the host organism, for example in developing its own blood supply. Remotely programmable, it goes throughout the body, can assemble, disassemble, reassemble, and self-replicate. 

There is time, but there is no time. Resistance begins now, and can only be, on an individual, moral and spiritual level, an utter refusal, point-blank; no negotiation, not a thought of compromise: non-compliance — regardless of consequences. Whether you’re a Christian, a Moslem, an anatheist or just a spirit alive in this world — make no mistake, this is the Mark of the Beast.

So there are decisions to be made, impossible choices — that is, until you find you’ve already made them.

Stop living in the past, and live in the archetype.

It’s time to choose. 

God, or the Machine. 

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