Lethal Text on Substack, X

This is still my main site, where I publish new work, but I’m archiving selected pieces on Substack (including that memory-holed piece). Seems sensible to diversify a little, and try to expose my rather diverse lockdown writings. In the winter of 2019 I was melting my boots in brushfires in Isan, and writing about climate. Then the Covid curtain came down and nobody was talking about anything else….



I’m also on Twitter now — sorry, ‘X’

One thought on “Lethal Text on Substack, X

  1. Ok. I got all excited thinking new post.

    Are you familiar with Guido Preparata ? New book I never heard of; Bataille, Foucault, Baudrillard. The Ideology of Tyranny. Can’t find PDF yet, just preface. Pardon presumption + sh.t spelling. He caught my attention years back like Dollard. This is not a comment obviously.

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