Lethal Text on Substack, X

This is still my main site, where I publish new work, but I’m archiving selected pieces on Substack (including that memory-holed piece). Seems sensible to diversify a little, and try to expose my rather diverse lockdown writings. In the winter of 2019 I was melting my boots in brushfires in Isan, and writing about climate. Then the Covid curtain came down and nobody was talking about anything else….



I’m also on Twitter now — sorry, ‘X’

2 thoughts on “Lethal Text on Substack, X

  1. Ok. I got all excited thinking new post.

    Are you familiar with Guido Preparata ? New book I never heard of; Bataille, Foucault, Baudrillard. The Ideology of Tyranny. Can’t find PDF yet, just preface. Pardon presumption + sh.t spelling. He caught my attention years back like Dollard. This is not a comment obviously.

  2. Holy shit ! This is awful. I can’t handle it. My mother would die, my language I mean.
    I’m looking for Kitsch. I had meant to flag “camp, ” back then, but didn’t, remember that one.
    Diana West looks like Sontag IMO. The layout HERE is shifting like sand after the typhoon I suppose.
    There’s one heading for China right now with 213 mph winds. Where am I ? To find it?
    I can’t handle the simultaneity, and the excitement… groping Conrad’s mistress
    as Virginia would have it. One of her best essays in the Common Reader.
    As if I’ve lost my nose but not the scent. I recognized it immediately in the first lines;
    Rescue on Contarini’s substack. I haven’t read it, but, but….I want ? “Beauty,” bound,
    be she… “man enough to scorn the sentimental voices that bewail the hardness
    of her fate.” ( Pardon, Virginia.) But, but…I want Man of War. I want the ships log.
    What wood, would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?.
    Ok, you got me by definition here. But I can still look.

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