EDWARD DE VERE and the REBIRTH OF THE AUTHOR “There was no one in him; behind his face (which even in the poor paintings of the period is unlike any other) and his words, which were copious, imaginative, and emotional, there was nothing but a little chill, a dream not dreamed by anyone.” Jorge Luis […]

The ‘Whole Turd’ Fallacy

This is my response to an essay by Joseph Atwill in which he applies his ‘Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah’ theory to The Tempest. https://thelethaltext.me/2016/07/22/very-like-a-whale/ Several of Mr Atwill’s followers have bleated at me that I can’t possibly judge the theory without reading the whole 300-page book. Since Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah mirrors the theory developed in Caesar’s […]


THY COUNTENANCE: SHAKESPEARE’S     The first emergence of Classical-Pagan occultism in England is seen in the reign of Elizabeth I (1533-1603), who ruled as the Virgin Queen from 1558 until her death. At least, this is where the phenomenon first obtrudes into the history books. Through secret societies, such Classical-Pagan influence seeds and precipitates the English […]