THE MULTIPLE AGENDAS OF THE GEO-ENGINEERING PROGRAMME When faced with challenging information, the undisciplined mind – or the clever disinformation agent – goes straight to questions of How? and Why? and uses the difficulty of these questions to negate the reality. The first order question must be the straightforward What? So in the question of […]


HOW I KILLED A FLAT-EARTHER, AND WHY IT WAS PROBABLY WRONG Yes, for those of you lucky enough not to have come across it, flat earth is a thing — a self-styled ‘movement’ in fact. I’ve been aware of it for a while, because I sometimes watch weird stuff on Youtube, and, you know, things […]


(PHUKET, 2017) I spend the day writing, and before sunset I drive a couple of miles to Ya Nui, a small beach where I can watch the sun go down. I need to refocus my eyes after hours too close to a screen. Holiday families are packing up and drifting away from the beach. Thai […]