STATE OF TERROR “The tactic of the terrorist model is to provoke a surplus of reality and to make the whole system collapse under it.” Jean Baudrillard, The Spirit of Terrorism (2002). Baudrillard’s definition of reality, in his 1981 work Simulacra and Simulation, is ‘that which can be simulated’. He argues that technology has now made […]


I first observed it in Amsterdam, relaxing in friend’s motorboat as we pottered around town and out into the countryside south of the city. All afternoon, lying back in the bow, I watched plane after plane laying down white trails in a blue sky — trails which twisted like ribbons, ruffled at the edges, spread out […]


Designs V2- The Orchid – Insanity  CONSPIRACY THEORY and the SOFT GULAG ∆ One particularly vile aspect of totalitarian systems is the abuse of psychiatry. In China today, dissidents may be labeled mentally ill and consigned to psychiatric hospitals. Once swallowed up by the mental health system, they can be subjected to electric shock […]


I lived for six years in Amsterdam. I arrived there a few weeks before starting my new job, and just hung out in the city. The first three conversations I had with strangers all went the same way. They’d ask me what I thought of the place so far, and I’d say great, really chilled, […]