There’s more, of course. This abyss is apparently bottomless.

Microscopy has revealed both the presence of graphene compounds in the shots, and its disastrous effects on the blood. But there was something else as well. R O Young’s micrographs appear to show the presence of a live parasitic organism in the contents of a Pfizer vial, tentatively identified as Trypanosoma cruzi, an organism normally transmitted by insects, which can have fatal effects if left untreated.  

A few months later, German researchers were puzzling over micrographs which appeared to show nematode worms hatching from eggs

The most spectacular find was made in the US by Dr Carrie Madej, who had been asked by a local laboratory to examine a half-used vial of the Moderna injection. Using a standard 400x magnification composite microscope, she was first amazed, in the absence of any chemical reaction, to see vibrant colours appearing as the sample warmed up to room temperature. Consulting contacts and colleagues, she learned that this phenomenon is associated with super-conductors exposed to white light; an observation consistent with the discovery of graphene oxide and hydroxide, and which further confirms C A Fitts’ May 2020 assessment that the purpose of the injections would be to insert brain/cloud interface technology into the human body. 

Madej then observed what appeared to be a living organism. The creature happened to be located at the edge of the cover-slip, meaning it was free to move. Madej saw it raise itself from the glass and appear to reach out towards the observer, as if aware that it was being watched. Well, this is an imaginative impression, perhaps indicative more than anything else of how spooked she was by seeing what appeared to be a hydra vulgaris, a near-microscopic fresh-water hydrozoan, in a vaccine sample. Madej didn’t go public with her observations until a couple of months later, when she observed a similar organism in a vial of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

So what the hell is going on here? Parasites, worms and hydras in the shots? The sheer bizarreness of these observations would make them appear to the uninformed as absolute insanity, or science fiction, impossible to take seriously. Could the researchers coming up with these images be the victims of some kind of set-up, an attempt to discredit independent analysts — and particularly their detection, in every case, of graphene compounds — with spiked, contaminated vaccine vials? In every case the researchers have done their best to verify the provenance of the samples, and they may in every case be correct about their authenticity, but we cannot be completely sure of this. It’s a ‘conspiracy theory’, but conceivable. That is how the information system works in the internet age. You can’t cover things up simply by suppressing the information, which will always leak out somewhere. Instead, disinformation tactics are used, poisoning the well with exaggerated, impossible variations on the real story — in this case that the injections are designed to do something entirely different from the prevention of disease — and using them to discredit those researchers who are on the right track. 

The whole thing does read like science fiction. But then, so does much of known reality these days. Ordinary people have no idea how far things have progressed in covert and semi-covert science and technology, or the end-goals of research not just in biowarfare but synthetic biology and bio-digital convergence. It so happens that Hydra vulgaris is one of six ‘model organisms’ identified by the Human Genome Project. The National Genome Research Institute has a whole project devoted to the organism: the Hydra 2.0 Genome Project Portal. Not only that, but the National Institutes of Health (NIH) — which owns a 50{7afbbc0afb0c7a66aa968a61965a5f55aa54e1a53c5ce8d1dec42cbaeedea50c} stake in the Moderna vaccine — has been sponsoring research on hydra at a number of universities including UC Davis for more than two decades. [Research by Marlena Elizabeth. Much (!) more here.]

These coincidences mean Carrie’s Hydra is much less likely to be random contamination. I think we have to take seriously the possibility that these anomalous organisms — which may or may not be synthetic — either have something to do with exacerbating or facilitating the intended processes post-vaccination, or represent a separate strand of covert research within the grand experiment being pursued under cover of the vaccination programme.

What is so interesting about the Hydra? How is it a model organism? The most obvious answer lies in its powers of regeneration; all the cells of the organism remain stem cells throughout its existence, enabling the effective immortality of the organism. If the vaccination drive is in fact, as it appears to be, an ongoing experiment — and in such a vast and unrepeatable experiment one would expect there to be multiple objectives — then the infiltration of hydra into the bloodstream could conceivably be connected with experimentation in life extension techniques and immortality, long the dream of the technocratic elites on this planet. The whole field of synthetic biology may be rooted in this goal, and, in particular, attempts to merge the life-domains of bacteria, eukarya and archaeia to produce organisms which are near-indestructible. 

The other unusual quality of the Hydra which is obviously of interest is its decentralised brain, taking the form of a neural net. Neural nets are how brain-machine interface works, using a lace of graphene or other superconductive material infiltrated throughout the organ.

What to make of it, I don’t know. But the goals of this experiment just get darker, and they are nothing to do with the health of little you or your children. You’re just the terrain of this experiment, the battlefield of this war. The Hydra, in mythology, was a creature of the abyss.  The formidable Lernaean Hydra killed by Heracles guarded one of the mouths of the Underworld. The archetype of the many-headed serpent also appears throughout Eastern mythology, immortalised in Khmer and Thai naga sculptures. And by another coincidence, the Beast from the Sea in the Revelation of St John — the Beast the people are compelled to worship, and to wear its mark or be excluded from society — is just such a creature, with seven heads and the miraculous ability to regenerate itself. 

Where all this is going, God knows. We are the people of the abyss — and I’m out of my depth, at least — how about you?

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