Deckard’s Unicorn

“When you understand how you were turned into a pretty little golem, an innocent Eloi, a zoned out zombie-child at the coming-out party of the Hellfire clubs… When you finally see how the culture has been engineered, and through it, you…

And when you begin to wonder who designed your mind, who scratched the aleph on your forehead and can erase it too…

Then you experience it, too; your replicant epiphany. ”



“I have seen myself backward.” Philip K Dick, A Scanner Darkly

In Hampton’s Fancher’s screen adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick, Rick Deckard is a ‘blade-runner’, a police assassin hired to hunt down rogue ‘replicants’ or androids. He is instructed to go to the Tyrell Corporation headquarters to test their latest model, the Nexus 6. His task is to find out whether his equipment, the Voight-Kampff machine, still works on a state of the art replicant produced by a corporation whose brand tag is ‘More Human than Human’. Has the difference between android and human now narrowed to the point where it can no longer be detected? Can technology still distinguish between natural human and designed humanoid?

At the huge, pyramid-shaped Tyrell Corporation building, Deckard is greetedby a poised, beautiful young woman and escorted into the presence of the CEO of the…

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