Since everything human is now an act of rebellion, I am going back to Bohemia.

So this is my new website, focused on my more personal writing. Less lethal, more poetic. Not so much about Them, and more about Us.

There’s a kind of novel running through it, if you can trace it. But I’m not much into ‘and then, and then, and then’. In understanding, as in memory, everything is present at once. That’s why I prefer to present a book in the form of a website that can be navigated — and written, for that matter — in any order.

Please share with anyone who might be interested, and all comments and feedback are welcome.


The Kingdom of Bohemia ceased to exist in 1918, when it was absorbed into the new Republic of Czechoslovakia. The people of the various lands which now constitute the Czech Republic were all referred to by the English as ‘Bohemians’, and the Czech language as Bohemian, until the term ‘Czech’ became more prevalent in the twentieth century. However, the defunct kingdom is immortalised, for purely accidental reasons, in the current usage of the word ‘bohemian’ to denote the lifestyle of impoverished artists: unconstrained by convention, sexually free, voluntarily poor; a life devoted to art and love. The word is now used almost exclusively in this sense.

The accident was merely that the Romani people of France were thought to have entered Europe through Bohemia. Bohème was the name the French gave to the Roma, just as the English by a similar misconception called them Gypsies, believing their origins lay…

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