Sheldrake and Ten


Rupert Sheldrake asks this beautiful question: if everything you see is an image inside your head — the whole world reduced to a tiny theater or screen somewhere in your brain — then is your skull beyond the sky?

Or do you see the things themselves, your mind reaching out to touch them where they are? In which case your mind is not contained within your skull, but is more like a field, extending beyond it.

I heard music from the pagoda and people in the soi, so I picked up my camera as I left the house. A big ceremony was beginning, with hundreds of people gathering. The soi was busy and full of noise. Ten was staring in through the window, interested in everything, the musicians, the silks, the glistening robes. I watched him watching them….

He didn’t hear me, that’s clear. He felt my gaze, through the eye of the camera, on the back of his head.

The sweet sound of shattering paradigms fills the air like temple gongs.



In case you’re curious like Ten, here’s what he was seeing:

2 thoughts on “Sheldrake and Ten

  1. I remember a young woman I saw down by the riverside , a fast flowing river in spring . When I went down she just looked at me and said she could not move . The river was carrying her away . I felt it too . I dragged her up the 30 meter embankment . We spent the entire dy together , hardly talking . We were telepathic . As the sun went down we were holding hands in a field , and all of a sudden we were above the trees , holding hands , looking over a great vista , the orange sun large and beautiful . She “said ” I am afraid I want to go back down , and I said Alright , and we were again stanfing where we were , still holding hands . I cannot prove nor care to that I experienced any of this extraordinary day or other such things but my experiences are not unique .

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