When faced with surprising information, the undisciplined mind – or the clever disinformation agent – goes straight to questions of How? and Why? and uses the difficulty of these questions to negate the issue. The first order question must be the straightforward What? What is happening? Is our atmosphere being injected with aerosols, or not? Only once this question has been answered can we proceed to second order questions.

Reversing this logical order is the essence of the Appeal to Ignorance. For example:

“How is such a big operation funded?

We don’t know.

Therefore the operation is not funded.

Therefore it does not exist.”


“How are all the people involved in such a huge operation kept from speaking out?

We don’t know.

Therefore they are not kept from speaking out.

Therefore the operation does not exist.”

This is the kind of reverse logic which blinds people to the evidence of their own eyes.

A newcomer to the subject of geo-engineering may balk at accepting that an infrastructure extensive enough to deliver the programme could possibly exist. Gatekeepers will emphasize, as they always do, the necessary vastness of the conspiracy and the impossibility of keeping it hidden. However, it is important to understand, when discussing issues usually dismissed as impractical ‘conspiracy theories’ — more objectively defined as SCADs (State Crimes Against Democracy) — that the platforms and capabilities which suddenly manifest themselves do not appear out of nowhere.

In the case of Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE), it helps to understand how the operation has evolved. Weather modification using chemicals dispersed from aeroplanes is a fact, and its employment a matter of historical record from the 1940s onward. It is well known that during the Vietnam war cloud-seeding was used to inundate enemy supply routes with heavy rain in an operation code-named POPEYE. Most people know that weather modification was used by the Chinese to keep the skies clear during their Olympic games in 2008. It should not be too difficult for people to imagine the covert use of this technology, for example, to create drought across North Africa and the Middle East in countries slated for destabilization. Indeed all three major powers have used weather warfare extensively, leading to an international treaty signed in 1978 renouncing the practice. The treaty appears to have had little restraining effect, given the deniability of this covert form of warfare. We know that from the end of the second world war the US started investing heavily in weather modification research and systems, having suffered extensive Japanese firebombing by balloon and a serious threat of devastating biological warfare enabled by the jetstream. Before the war was over, the Americans were already trying to work out how the direction of the jet stream could be reversed – a grandiose scheme indeed, but indicative of how seriously the science of weather-modification was taken.

Weather modification technology has been in development and use since the 1940s at the latest. In 1996 the US Air Force published a research paper titled Weather as a Force Muliplier: Owning the Weather by 2025. Weather modification systems provide the infrastructure for a new programme of solar radiation management – which government and academic sources claim to be the purpose of this deliberate modification of the atmosphere.


However, we know that this is not the whole answer. At some point, a high tech military application has been incorporated into existing systems; this is the Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation Model (VTRPEM), used in the Radio Frequency Mission Planner System (RFMPS). This system makes possible real-time, three-dimensional beyond-horizon imaging, and has to be supported by increased atmospheric conductivity, achieved by spraying barium salts into the stratosphere. That’s why I’ve been seeing these frequent flickers of dry lightning.

No doubt the pilots involved are told that what they are doing is essential for national defense. However, there are whistle-blowers exposing this operation, code-named INDIGO SKYFOLD, the existence of which goes a long way to answering questions about budgets and any other doubts about feasibility.

If VTRPEM has been piggy-backed onto existing systems for weather modification, so can other operations be grafted onto the same technology for other purposes. INDIGO SKYFOLD is part of an umbrella aerosol operation thought to be designated CLOVERLEAF, and that cryptonym suggests the intersection of multiple leaves, or agendas.



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