“There’s an understanding that is not desired to exist”   It was 1970, and Eric Dollard was sleeping rough at the RCA-Marconi Wireless Station at Bolinas, California, where he had worked from the age of seventeen until it was closed down. On Green Street, nearby, there was a house where a guy called Philo Farnsworth […]


HOW I KILLED A FLAT-EARTHER, AND WHY IT WAS PROBABLY WRONG Yes, for those of you lucky enough not to have come across it, flat earth is a thing — a self-styled ‘movement’ in fact. I’ve been aware of it for a while, because I sometimes watch weird stuff on Youtube, and, you know, things […]

What MONCKTON is DOING WRONG (since he asks)

“If it isn’t showing up in my atmospheric monitoring, what am I doing wrong?” appeals Lord Monckton in a 2013 interview with Jonathan Eisen.   In fact there are many competent professionals and citizen researchers into the ‘chemtrails’ phenomenon who could give him a lead in how to conduct a methodical investigation, and enlighten him as to […]