(PHUKET, 2017) I spend the day writing, and before sunset I drive a couple of miles to Ya Nui, a small beach where I can watch the sun go down. I need to refocus my eyes after hours too close to a screen. Holiday families are packing up and drifting away from the beach. Thai […]


DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD Jesse Hughes: I knew exactly what was going on from the fuckin’ first – if you look at the video I’m off that stage – like that [snaps his fingers] – because I’ve been around guns my whole life and military weapons for many years and I’ve been firing guns routinely for almost […]


STATE OF TERROR “The tactic of the terrorist model is to provoke a surplus of reality and to make the whole system collapse under it.” Jean Baudrillard, The Spirit of Terrorism (2002). Baudrillard’s definition of reality, in his 1981 work Simulacra and Simulation, is ‘that which can be simulated’. He argues that technology has now made […]